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Saturday, June 11, 2016

...her malignant eyes

May wrote in to tell of something strange she saw back in the 1990s:

“We had just returned from holidaying at home and I was in really good form...had a great restful time and was even looking forward to returning to the job I loved within the next couple days. My brother had bought me a beautiful pottery lamp and I was going to a shop in a parallel street to mine to buy some lamp oil. Just had to turn the corner to my house and walk a few blocks to get there. It was a beautiful sunny day at about 3PM. I was walking and by the second block, I could see at the end of the street I was on, it was a straight road, and from around the corner of the street, I was headed for a woman who walked around and was heading in my direction. I was alone on the street with her. I had been almost in a state of shock since I first saw her. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me, this isn't right she shouldn't be here as if she shouldn't exist on this plane. I tied immediately to shrug off such nonsensical thoughts. I am a rational person but... she wasn't walking. She was floating. I put that down to my eyesight which is not the best. Anything to explain this away.

I had been walking while trying to make sense of what I was seeing then I realized, I was too far forward to turn back on my own street and what if she followed me? Again I thought I was being irrational and silently chided myself saying I would walk to my destination, nothing was going to happen and she's just an ordinary human being. To prove that I would look directly at her when passing. But I was so terrified. The feeling that there was something really wrong about her was mounting.

Then a couple of young people came out of a house on the opposite side of the street. I was so relieved but they were heading my direction so she was behind them on my side of the street and they didn't look back. I was thinking of crossing over to be on the same side as them but they went into another house. She had been staring straight at me the whole time so I didn't dare cross over in any case. Then I was walking past the Catholic church and considered going in but it's standing back from the road with a fenced in garden and path, she was so near now that she could either head me off or trap me in there. I was still chiding myself over these silly observations. They just couldn't be real, right. Then she was very close. Then she passed. I didn't want to look at her but felt myself doing so. She had all black eyes but they were multi-faceted like black diamonds and had a cold malicious glare to them. Her look seemed to touch my very core and my heart felt like it was frozen in a solid block of ice. It felt like it was surrounded by ice. I had to lean up against the wall of a house for support because I felt I would collapse.

After a few minutes I was anxious to go on the next street which I was now near. It was a main street. It would have more people on it. As I pushed myself away from the wall, I looked behind me and she was standing there, glaring back at me. I forced myself to turn and make my way as fast as I could to the next street determined to ignore what just happened because there was no logical explanation for what I had just seen. I went into the shop to buy the lamp oil although it took awhile for me to do that. What also shocked me about this encounter was that the woman who had long curly jet black hair and a sallow complexion, was wearing what then, this was in the mid-90s, looked like a fairly modern day nun's outfit, a blue twin set, a blue wool top and cardigan and a navy blue skirt. That route I had been taking to buy the lamp oil on the main street was also the route I used to get my transport to work from a bus stop nearby. I could not use that route for years and took the longer way home from work instead.

I could not talk about the incident for years and then I told my sister. Over the past few years have been trying to come to terms with what happened. I had been afraid to speak of it before because I was terrified of seeing her again. I use that route again now and have for awhile but haven't seen her since. I will never forget what happened...her malignant eyes. The way my heart felt like it was in a block of ice. This was the most terrifying experience I've ever had in my entire life.”

Source: Darkness Radio - June 6, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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