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Monday, June 13, 2016

'Dont let them in!'

Nate wrote in to Darkness Radio to tell of something bizarre that he remembered as a kid:

“I'm a 26 year old. I served in the Army from 2007 to 2012. I'm just a normal guy with a family and a house. I'm in no way odd or weird or anything like that. I'm sure if you ask my wife she'd say differently but that's a different story.

So I was listening to your show the other night and I distinctly remember when I was around 7, there were two kids who came to my house and tried to make my mom let them in. These kids were no older than I was and they just didn't seem right. It's exactly as you described; odd clothes, flat voice. I didn't know them becuase I knew every kid on the three blocks from the left and the right. I remember trying to see them but my mom kept pushing me aside saying, You need to go to your room, now! I ran to my room with my brother and from the room could see the front door from around the corner and they were gone. I remember hearing my mom and dad arguing about letting them in and calling the police. My dad did not want them in the house and my mom was saying he was crazy and that they are just kids. That's why my dad yelled about the eyes. When my dad yelled about the eyes, my mom said they did not have black eyes. My dad is not a man that should ever be messed with. I'm just saying that he is a monster of a man, even now at over 60, you wouldn't mess with him. So, to scare him, that just doesn't happen.

Well, that's when I hear a loud slam against my window and then another three or four knocks. I go back to the window, about to hold up the blinds to see what it was and my dad runs in and shouts, Don't let them in! and picks both me and my brother up and puts us in the bathroom. I hear him shouting to leave and that he will defend his family and that he has weapons. About five minutes later my dad comes in and he makes us leave the house for ice cream. He never talks about this and when you ask him, he gets quiet and changes the subject. The story is real. I'm not making it up.”

Source: Darkness Radio - June 6, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: I constantly receive messages from people who refer to the BEK or black eyed people phenomenon as 'urban legends.' Due to skepticism and the lack of tangible proof, many people believe that the claims are false and nothing more than just stories.

Urban legends are stories that can not be traced to a particular person, place or time. In order for a story to be categorized as an urban legend, the story must lack an actual eyewitness and can not be certified. There have been hundreds of eyewitness accounts that are verifiable and followed up with interviews.

Believe what you may...but these reports are not urban legends. Lon

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