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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Mysterious 'Men in Black' in Iowa -- Unknown Animal in Cemetery -- Giant Radioactive Fish at Chernobyl

Mysterious 'Men in Black' in Iowa

I received the following information from a reader:


This is Craig C.

I got an email from a friend about a happening south of Iowa City around Muscatine Iowa.

The occurrence is from last Thursday: June 17th, 2016. Not sure if it's just pranksters or something else, but the following is what I got.

Last night around 10:50 pm "George" was driving home and experienced something really creepy. He was driving along hwy 22, just before Hon Geneva, when he saw a strange, tall man, dressed all in black step out from the ditch on to the side of the highway. As George passed him, the man stepped out behind his car, into the middle of his lane and stopped and watched him drive off. (As George described, the man cocked his head to the side while he watched him drive away and his arms weren't down against his sides, more curved as if he were holding basketballs under his wrists against his hips.. Maybe to appear stronger in stature.) He said his face was black too. Maybe painted or a mask, but he could not make out facial features. A bit shaken, he continued driving towards home when a second man (clothed the same way and same demeanor) stepped out from the ditch just before Sweetland Road. At this point George floored the gas and sped home. When he came in the door he was distraught. Listening to him tell me about his encounter scared me. I reported the men to the sheriff. Alan took George back out to look for the men but never saw them again. The sheriff called and asked to meet with George about this in the last month. There have been sightings of the same thing near Fairport. I am posting this because I want to warn all of you that live along the highway or drive along 22 at night to keep a look out. Not sure what they are up to but it's creepy!

And there is a newspaper article about it as well:

Mysterious “men in black” sightings reported along Muscatine Co. roadways

The other interesting thing is that I have a friend who told me a friend of hers had been driving a road between Iowa City and Solon (some years back) at night and had seen something standing alongside the road on the shoulder. Whatever she had seen had been big and had wings, and scaring her, she had driven on past, fast. Except about 3-4 miles down the road she looked up and saw the exact same creature standing again on the side of the road, also with wings--looking exactly like the first.

It seems too coincidental to have that kind of happening in two areas around one place...if it's not a hoax, it's definitely creepy.


Unknown Animal in Cemetery

MERRIMACK, N.H., June 22 (UPI) -- A mysterious animal seen wandering in a local graveyard, prompting police in New Hampshire to warn warn residents to avoid the area.

Merrimack Police Department shared a photo of the unidentified brown, sickly animal running through a graveyard near an elementary school.

Authorities remained unsure about the species of the strange-looking animal, but wildlife officials noted it was likely not dangerous.

"It's most likely a coyote and since the animal isn't menacing or vicious, we've been advised by Fish & Game to leave it alone as the pups are now moving about on their own," they wrote.

NOTE: Mangy coyote pup I suspect. Lon


Serial Killer Nurse

A German former nurse serving a life sentence for two murders is suspected of killing dozens more patients by injecting them with heart medication, investigators say.

A court order to exhume 99 former patients of the man - named only as Niels H - found traces of heart medication in 27 bodies, they say.

Niels H, 39, was convicted in February last year over two patients' deaths.

In court he admitted killing up to 30 patients with heart medication.

The judges at his trial at Oldenburg district court in northern Germany said that he had a desire to win approval by resuscitating patients. He gave them overdoses of a drug that shut down their cardiovascular systems. Read more at Jailed German nurse suspected of dozens more murders


Giant radioactive fish haunt the cooling pond at Chernobyl

A Ukrainian man has used a camera on a line to film the enormous catfish that swim in the radioactive cooling pond at Chernobyl.

Eugene Mazurenko dangled his camera off a bridge at the now-abandoned town where the notorious nuclear meltdown happened in 1986.

The fish are extraordinarily big but it's not the radiation that makes them so.

Instead it’s the total absence of predators that allowed the catfish to get to this size.

In spite of the prospect of a massive catch, the inherent radiation in these fish would make eating one unadvisable.

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