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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Flying Humanoid Sightings Followed by Massive Earthquake Near Tikal, Guatemala

A Guatemalan man recalls the events described to him by his parents. This occurred near Tikal, when the townspeople heard unknown cries from the mountains. After a devastating earthquake, the cries stopped.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"My family is from Guatemala. My parents grew up in a town close to the pyramids of Tikal, in a very mountainous area.

In 1976, my parents being around 10-12 years old, there was a horrible earthquake that killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people. My dad was even trapped for days under the rubble of his home before being rescued. It’s a horrible memory for them. I have many family members with similar stories. That isn’t the paranormal tale though, but events leading to it were. This is the story as told to me by my parents.

About a year, maybe a little more, strange things started to happen in the forested mountains near their town. It started with the cries. Every night something would continuously cry in the mountains. At first they thought it was possibly a wild cat in heat. However, they started to realize that this sound could be heard from everywhere in the town. My mom said it sounded like a man wailing in pain or anguish. It happened every night around the same time and lasted sometimes for hours.

A few months later the sightings started. It started with a large “bird” flying over the town and mountains. Then a large humanoid creature was seen in the mountains. My mom described it as kind of like Bigfoot only it was completely white and less hairy. The people who crossed its path said its eyes were very pale and the noise they heard at night sounded the same as the cry it would emit when spotted. An anguished horrified sound.

Almost exactly a year after the first sounds started the earthquake hit and my parent's town, being close to the epicenter, suffered great damages. Many people died, were injured or became homeless.

The wails completely stopped after the earthquake. My mom often ponders if it was some sort of angel coming to warn of the coming disaster and it left having been unable to be understood. My dad believes whatever it was probably died just like many others, falling victim to earthquake." OL


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