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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Humanoids 3: Recent Additions to the Rosales Database


Thanks to Albert S. Rosales for providing the newest humanoid updates from his ever-expanding database:

Location: near Los Banos, California

Date: July 10 2016

Time: 18:00

The main witness his friend and her son, drove from San Diego to San Francisco for leisure on Friday to Sunday. On their way back, they were driving on the I-5 Expressway southbound, towards San Diego. They were approximately 10 minutes south of Los Banos. The scenery outside was barren, no buildings, structures or people, just dry grassy hills, and dirt roads on the sides of the freeway. He was actually trying to get some rest when his friend the driver said, “What is that?” and pointed to the right side of the road. He immediately looked over and saw a tall figure about 6 feet tall in a thick black monk/death looking robe with a big hood. Now this was very unusual to him since it was about 90 degrees outside and in the middle of nowhere. Why would somebody be walking around dressed in a thick black hooded robe in this heat. So, as they passed it, the witness had to get a good look at this person’s face, so when he looked at it, it looked back at him. And what he saw chilled him to the bone.

In this dark heavy hooded robe was a being that looked nothing human. It had brownish green scales with a short snout and its eyes were large and blackish that glistened in the sun. It was unmistakable even at about 100 feet away and it looked right at the witness with no expression. It was not carrying anything or had any equipment with it, and it was walking slow and awkward as if it were looking for something. The witness was terrified, especially when it looked right at him, he thought maybe they should pull over and confront this thing, but honestly, he was frozen, and they kept driving. He asked his friend if she had seen it and both her and her 12-year-old verified that they had seen it also. The witness says that he wishes he had pulled over and went back to get some evidence or a picture, but now he feels he made the right decision.

Source: www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/ET/reptilians/losbanos.html

Comments: The main witness is a former member of the military. The area around Los Banos has been the scene of other strange encounters in years past.


Location: Ales, Gard, France

Date: July 16 2016

Time: 23:00

A professional nurse was about to close the living room windows when she suddenly saw out one of the windows a gray metallic object that she could not identify. It was cylindrical in shape, located in the sky at an angular height of around 43 degrees. It was moving slowly from left to right (globally from northeast to southwest), masking the stars on its passage. It seemed to be traveling at about 10 or 15km / hr as it traversed the entire visual field of the window. A pale white halo was visible on the upper of the object and on the front of the UFO she clearly distinguishes a unique porthole or window, centered relative to the height of the UFO. Behind the window she saw two entities comparable in size to human beings, which they seem to have the appearance of. The object was about the size of a minibus and the window could therefore measure about 80cm in diameter. The interior of the cylinder is illuminated by a white-bluish light and the two human-like figures are visible from the waist up. One is a man and the other a woman. The woman with her hair pulled like a bun on the back and the other figure having a more masculine appearance. Their clothing is exactly the same for the figures, a burgundy-maroon combination which the witness thinks it might be “work clothes”. No head covering is seen. The two characters seemed to be Caucasian, but no specific facial features could be discerned as the object continues its path at the same speed. At no point was the object obscured by an obstacle (tree, house, electrical wires, etc). The witness could not hear any particular sound. The sky was clear and almost windless, the moon was not visible from the living room window. The object eventually disappeared from sight.

Source: Thierry Gaulin, Logospehere, Trimester # 12, May 2020


Location: Oroville, Washington

Date: July 24 2016

Time: night

The main witness and her boyfriend were on their way to a friend’s house walking north on Juniper Street towards their friend’s house. Immediately after they started walking, she noticed that there were no animals anywhere. That in itself is odd as Oroville has a lot of strays. Then as they got one block down the road, she looked over the Similkameen River towards the mountains and she sees a small red light, she told her boyfriend to look at the airplane (which she thought it was). The light was traveling west towards them. They quickly realized that it was not a plane when it turned abruptly north and started to follow them up Juniper Street. At this point she felt scared and was just trying to get to her friend’s house and distract herself. She then noticed a sort of rainbow completely circling the moon. But then they both noticed that the “moon” was twice as big as it should be, and not in the right spot in the sky. At this point they reached the high school at the end of Juniper Street and turn east to see their friend’s vehicle is not at his parent’s house. They then decided to walk on Ironwood Street back home since it had more streetlights.

Now as they walked, she noticed every single star in the sky was blinking blue and red and black clouds were rushing in from all directions closing in over the valley, there was no wind on the ground. Now they were walking south on Ironwood as they got passed the elementary school the dark clouds have closed in overhead and it was dark. The darkest night she had ever seen. Suddenly they heard footsteps, lots of steps, following them down the road, they cannot see anybody but can hear the footsteps. The steps seemed to be maneuvering in an almost military manner, herding the witnesses back towards their house. Her boyfriend tells her to keep quiet and walk faster and they began to speed walk south. When they reach the corner of 4th and Ironwood, they turned west and see their friend’s truck. At this point the clouds have been getting lower and lower as they try to make it to their friend’s girlfriend’s house. So, they turned and looked east on 4th Street and under the streetlight 2 blocks up, is a shimmering outline of a 4-foot-tall humanoid figure watching them. they ran and banged on the door of their friend’s house, but there is no answer. So, they hide around the house and decided to make it home, only half-a-block away. They sprinted down 4th Street and turn up Juniper towards their house, she turned and looked down Juniper and sees a 2nd shimmering figure only a block away. They both run into their yard and her boyfriend finally sees the shimmering figure and stops at the edge of the yard. By now the black clouds are so low that that they top of the spruce tree in the yard is engulfed. So, ran to the covered porch yelling at her boyfriend to get inside. He finally turns and starts across the yard towards her. At about 5-feet from her the clouds parted and a super bright beam of light falls directly on her boyfriend, he looks up and just freezes. Terrified she starts screaming trying to get his attention. After about 1 minute of screaming and begging he finally looks at her. He closes her eyes and sticks one hand into the light and pulls her boyfriend out of the beam and into the house. She was left terrified and refused to look outside. Her boyfriend was confused and could not remember anything and while under the beam of light he could hear the main witness at all.



Location: Western Washington State

Date: early August 2016

Time: evening

The witness, Ben, was guarding a property that had been subject to trespassing and squatting by drug addicts, some of whom were violent. Ben armed himself with his rifle and began making patrols through the heavy woods. In early August he was on patrol and had the sudden urge to sit down beneath a large, ancient cedar tree. He set down his rifle and daypack and relaxed, closing his eyes. He entered into a pleasant, Zen-like state, feeling that everything would be okay.

After a while, he opened his eyes and glanced to his right toward an alder tree grove and saw a humanoid shape about 15 feet up in the air. It was not solid, but looked like rippled air, similar to the cloak of invisibility portrayed by the alien entity in the Predator films. Its head, neck, and shoulders were outlined, but the rest of it fell away into nothingness. As he stared at this shape, an overwhelming dread seized him, penetrating to the core of his being. He was deathly afraid to move in the slightest way. At last, he took off his glasses, wiped them on his shirt, and put them back on. The shape was still there. 

Ben counted down in his mind from five to zero, and at zero grabbed his belongings and dashed for home. Nothing pursued him or showed up at the house. One of his friends, a heathen, told him that he had encountered a “forest wight”, a guardian type of being. He also received suggestions that he should make an offering of food to the spirit or being.

Ben avoided the area for a while, and in September 2016 returned to the spot to take photographs. He took along an offering of food and water. A feeling of dread built up in him as he approached the site, but it was not as intense as the first time. He did not see the rippled-air shape but felt its presence. When he put out the offering, he did not have any ill or bad feeling. He talked aloud, explaining that he was trying to protect the property, and nothing was allowed to follow him back home. Around this time, Ben found a mysterious, L-shaped hole about 75 feet from the cedar tree. It was cleanly made and did not appear to have been caused by the digging of an animal. He took photos of it. When he returned to the area again, he found two long gashes in the earth by the hole. They were about two feet long and about as wide as a man’s foot, as though someone had dug his boot heel deep into the earth and dragged it.

Source: www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/ET/translucentbeings.html - citing Rosemary Ellen Guiley


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