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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Small Quadruped Humanoids Observed Along Dark Northern Wisconsin Country Road

A northern Wisconsin teen is with her boyfriend when she begins to experience panic attacks along a certain country road. Later, she observes several small hairless humanoid creatures along the same road.

I recently came across the following account:

"This happened to me yesterday (Monday May 3rd) and I am still processing it. To preface, I live in northern Wisconsin in an area that has a large Ojibwa population. One thing I have learned from living here is if a native tells you something is wrong, you listen to them. They’ve been here longer than us and they know what’s going on. I’m a 16yo female and a junior in high school. Last night was my junior prom and I went with my boyfriend.

Because of Covid, the prom was hosted by parents a couple towns over at a town hall. We had to drive and my boyfriend picked me up. The highway that leads to this town is desolate and runs straight through a forest. It’s about 15 miles long.

This would be fine, but then we entered this specific area on the highway. I’m a pretty level-headed person. I don’t scare easily. When we entered this area I felt nothing but pure terror. We were surrounded by nothing but woods and I felt like I was being hunted. There were these garbage bags on the side of the road. The first garbage bag was on the left side of the road. I pointed it out to my boyfriend and he said that someone probably dumped it there so they wouldn’t have to pay for garbage pickup. I believe him, until we came upon two more garbage bags a couple miles down the road. They were on opposite sides of the road, equal lengths apart. I shrugged it off. Then equal distances away there were two more garbage bags. This continued for the remainder of the stretch of the road until the end, where there was a single garbage bag, now on the right.

I told my boyfriend that the road was giving me a weird vibe and he did his best to calm my anxieties. He thought I was worried because the road had a fast speed limit (65 - 70), but it wasn’t a fear like that. It was a primal fear. Something there above me on the food chain.

Everything was fine until we left the dance. Pulling out of the parking lot, there was a cop. The cop pulled onto the highway leading to this road when they saw us coming. They didn’t use a turn signal, which was very illegal. The cop started acting very weird. While in front of us, they were swerving and kept hugging the line. Then right before we reached the road, the cop with NO warning I may add, just stopped, did a U-turn not even 50 feet from our car, and hauled ass off of the road. No sirens, no lights, not even a f*cking turn signal. My boyfriend and I were weirded out. It didn’t help that this road was pitch black and the only light was his car’s shitty high beams.

We then entered the road. And again, I was terrified. After passing the first garbage bag, the sense of primal fear returned. I wanted out. I stared shaking and crying and my boyfriend did his very best to comfort me. He suggested pulling over until I calmed done but I refused. In that moment, I was sure that if we pulled over, we would die. I just kept repeating the phrase “Something’s not right here.” He stepped on the gas.

Being 9:30 - 10 at night, we were the only ones on this road. Off in the distance behind us, we saw a glowing pair of LED brights. They were pulling up on us fast. Might I keep you in mind, the speed limit here was 65 - 70, this car was going at least 85 - 90. And this driver was none other than the cop from before. This cop, again, no sirens or lights, sped right past us and off into the distance. Something in my gut told me that whoever was in that car was feeling the same way I was.

Nothing changed for a bit. My boyfriend talked me down and I was calm. But then suddenly, I felt the terror again. It was stronger than ever. I started having a panic attack and screaming. I was crying and begging my boyfriend to leave because something was wrong. Then I looked out my window and saw them. There were 5 - 10 little creatures coming out of the woods. One looked me right in the eyes and I knew this thing was a predator.

They were a bit larger than a raccoon and walked on all fours. Completely hairless. They looked humanoid and wrinkled. Imagine the top half of the Fuji mermaid, but larger and not dried out. Another way to describe them is a smaller version of the rake. They had eyes the reflected light or that glowed in the dark. They were skinny and frail looking.

I scream and begged my boyfriend to keep driving. He obliged and did. Eventually, we left that road and got back to a more populated area of the highway. He pulled over and began to comfort me. I was having a panic attack. I tried to tell him what I saw but I just couldn’t. I told him I saw a malformed raccoon. He just laughed it off.\

We returned to my house and I was terrified. I had explained to my mother that something was wrong with that road. She shrugged it off, but allowed my boyfriend to stay the night, which made me feel batter that he didn’t have to leave and got to stay at my house, away from the woods and those things. My dad, whom we told about the cop, said that the cop was just trying to rouse us. That the cop was hoping we’d make a mistake and they could ticket us. I’m not sure if that’s true.

I called my best friend today. She is Ojibwa, who practices the beliefs and culture. When we were talking, I couldn’t help but spill. I told her about the creatures in the woods, and the cop, and the trash bags. She sounded worried. She said the trash bags were most likely from people who volunteer to clean highways, which I can agree with. They were clear bags, I could see trash in them. She was worried about the creatures. She started asking me questions. She asked if I was on my period. She asked about the spiritual healing practice my mother takes me to. She asked about if I tried to contact a spirit or if I tried to play with something dead. I told her about the natural healing (my mother has me doing NAET for my allergies) and that I hadn’t tried to play with the dead. I told her that that day was the day after my period had just finished.

She told me in a concerned voice that the NAET may have opened my third eye and that those creatures may have been attracted to me because of my period. She told me that she was going to give me sage, and that I needed to use it. She asked me to redraw what I saw and I did. I sent the picture to her and she said that it was weird, but that I should be safe. I am still shaken up. Those things wanted me and were out for blood. I don’t think I’ll ever go back there again." SH


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