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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Humanoids 5: Recent Additions to the Rosales Database

Thanks to Albert S. Rosales for providing the newest humanoid updates from his ever-expanding database. These particular reports were from 1978:

Location. Between Zhigulyevsk & Togliatti, Kyibyshev region, Russia

Date: 1978

Time: daytime

A woman was on a bus on her way to Togliatti from Zhigulyevsk and before arriving to the next scheduled stop the woman glanced outside the window and noticed only two or three men waiting for the bus. But when the bus stopped and the doors opened a total of eight men entered the cabin of the bus, 5 of them were visibly “abnormal” in appearance. The strange men were dressed alike, in brown cloaks, brown suits, brown ties, beige shirts and suede caps. All had beards on gaunt emotionless faces. Their most remarkable feature was their huge eyes, which emanated a “powerful” force, as if they had the power of total understanding, much more than the normal passengers onboard the bus. A woman also accompanied the strange group; she was like the men also dressed in brown clothing. She wore a colorful triangular scarf in sharp dissonance with her other clothing. Another amazing detail about the strange men was that their faces were similar, to the very diminutive details, like twins or “clones”. The five strange men stood in a circle, with their backs to each other, apparently to keep their surroundings in constant surveillance. An elderly woman onboard the bus was involved in a dispute with another female on the bus about being able the seating arrangements and attempted to push the other woman when suddenly one of the strange men, without looking at the women, coldly commented, “It will be worse on her”. (?). The bus continued its normal route with the “normal” passengers now onboard the bus in a state of calm of watchful relaxation, possibly because of the presence of the strange men. The passengers all stopped talking among each other, only exchanging worried glances. The main female witness was convinced that the strangers communicated between them by using telepathy. When the bus reached a river port on the Volga River the strangers exited the bus, at the same time another bus was passing by and temporarily obscured the bus of the strange group, for maybe 3 or 4 seconds, however when the bus completed it passing the strange group was nowhere in sight. There were no buildings in the area where they could have gone into, nor cars or other type of transportation. The strange group had simply vanished.

Source: COMCON archive (Commission on Contacts) Russia quoted by Vladimir G. Azhazha PhD in “Another Life” Moscow 1998


Location. Moscow, Russia

Date: 1978

Time: daytime

Academician Lev N. Melnikov was riding in an overcrowded bus near the “Dinamo” subway station, as he sat, he noticed a strange man sitting nearby. Somehow the witness immediately thought that the stranger “must be an alien”. The stranger was different from all the other passengers on the bus; he had a long seemingly transparent nose with only one opening. Lev had the impression that the man’s nose had been cut off and a prosthetic appliance was used to replace it, it appeared to be made from something remotely resembling plastic. That was only an impression. But in other details the strange man was frightening in his appearance, and behavior. In general, the man’s demeanor was cold, and expressionless. The bus made a brief stop, and the strange man exited the bus and Lev never saw him again.

Source: I. Gorlinskiy in: “Interesnaya Gazeta” (Interesting Newspaper) Kiev #63 2005


Location. Atlantic Ocean 90 miles east of the Georgia coast

Date: 1978

Time: 1400

While around 90 miles off the eastern coast of Georgia onboard a military vessel that was stationary in the water giving a foreign freighter needed fuel a contact appeared on the radar scope that was verified as a “true echo” as well as not a craft that is from the United States or an allied nation. This echo was showing up at 900 feet altitude which is the exact height that the surface search radar ends & the air search radar begins. As the echo faded from the surface search radar it began appearing brilliantly on the air search radar, then vice versa. Around 10 minutes later upon exiting the radar room to go outside for a possible visual the main witness immediately noticed that it had become quite foggy outside. Visibility was less than 50 feet. Yet, the last weather observation was low humidity, 74 degrees and a calm wind. Upon arriving to the port side of the ship & looking upward about 45 degrees toward the bearing the echo showed on the radars, it was witnessed that within the fog was a diamond shaped object that was showing various colors like that of a gem. There was no sound whatsoever coming from the object, nor was it moving. Once atop the bridge (called flying bridge) a ‘bolted to the deck’ double lens telescope was swung towards the object’s direction. Once focused on the object one could see what was the outline of what appeared to the window area of a ship the various lights emitted from this craft seemed to come from all areas except the windows area. The windows area appeared as a dark tinted set of windows, and there seemed to be motion coming from inside the glass though one could not get a very clear view through the tinted glass along with the fog that was drifting past the windows in waves. The windows area appeared to be angling downward towards the ship, the bottom pointed end of the craft appeared to be slanted back while the pointed top appeared to be pointing forward as was the tinted windows just below the top point of this craft. It was decided to go back to the radar room to attempt to get further data established without alerting any officer or crewmate. Once back inside the radar room the echo was still appearing on either the surface search or the air search radars. It was then that it was decided that this craft was aware of the radar antenna’s ‘beam-widths’. However, this craft was not completely successful in hiding itself completely either with the heavy fog or between the beamwidths of the two antennas. As minutes passed it was noticed that this echo began to move. This echo was plotted during 3 complete sweeps from the air search radar (set at 350miles). After the 3rd sweep the echo disappeared completely off the radar screen. Once the object was gone the strange fog also disappeared.

Source: NUFORC


Location. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Date: 1978

Time: afternoon

The witness, Kim Pompey Del Rio who was 13 years of age at time had become extremely ill with complications from the mumps and lay, in serious pain, on the couch for over a week. One afternoon her mom came into the living room to check on her, as she left the room Kim noticed something strange on the windowsill across from her. There, standing on the still of one of the twins, stained glass windows were two little people. They were about eight inches tall. They had greenish skin and clothes. At least, she thought they had clothes, as the color of their faces and hands were lighter than the rest of their bodies, giving the appearance of a suit of sorts, with attached sorts. They both had on pointy hats---that, or their heads ended in curvy points toward the backs. They had big black eyes and wide-open black mouths with no visible teeth. They had tiny noses, but no ears that she could see. Their limbs were long and thin, as were their fingers. The tips of their feet ended in a point just like their heads. They were identical to each other except that one seemed a little taller than the other.

The one thing that really disturbed her was not the fact that she was looking at two little green people, it was that these little green people were looking at her. One was bent at the waist, pointing at her and even slapped its knee. But although they were laughing, she never heard them make a sound. She does not recall how long she looked at them. She also does not recall what happened after that. She may have fallen asleep, or something may have distracted her.

Source: B.M. Nunnelly, “The Inhumanoids, real encounters with beings that can’t exist” p. 73


Location. Marquina, Vizcaya, Spain

Date: 1978

Time: 14:00

A local civil guard, Juan Mesa, was on guard duty when around 2pm he heard several dogs barking. During that time there had been numerous attacks and murders by the Basque terror group ETA, and this caused Mesa to arm himself and along with two other guards readied themselves for a possible attack. Suddenly on top of the church roof located across from their police station the men saw a strange object approach at high speed. The object appeared to be made from “iron” and was about 50 meters in diameter with a reddish circle on its lower section about 10 meters in diameter. The object stops to hover on top of the church and illuminates the three civil guards with a powerful white beam of light. Juan Mesa loaded his submachine gun and pointed it at the hovering object, however one of his companions argued against using any force against the unknown craft. Within the red circle there appeared to be a transparent section and within that area the men could see three tall shadowy figures that were moving around. Eventually all three shadows converged in the middle of the circle and Mesa had the strange feeling that the occupants of the strange craft were “deciding something about them” and felt completely helpless in the face of such incredible technology. Moments later the beam of white light was extinguished, and the object departed at high speed. The three men ran towards the rear of the police station to see where the object was heading but only managed to see two small lights resembling “small moons” flying above the Iruzubieta Forest about 5-7 kilometers away. The three guards decided not to report the incident to their superiors.

Source: http://www.looculto.260mb/ovnisenespana/hasta%201980.htm


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