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Friday, May 21, 2021

Frightening Deformed Black-Eyed 'Humanoid' Encountered Near Tucson, Arizona

A man is walking his dog in a small town near Tucson, Arizona when he approaches a strange person ahead of him. It turns out to be a deformed humanoid that, after chasing the witness, suddenly vanishes.

I came across a scary post from last evening:

"I don't know what to say. I'm not really a big believer in certain paranormal things, or unexplained phenomenon. I mean, it's not that I don't believe. I'm definitely open to it. It's just that I haven't seen or experienced enough of it to believe, if that makes sense. Though I do have this feeling inside that there's something out there, I don't know what it is. I can't really explain it better but I just instinctively believe that there's something more out there. I feel it calling us. I say "us" because I've always felt energy from people and I feel the same kind of energy at different geographical locations when there's nobody there. I think I'm feeling whatever's out there and I feel it calling for us. Not just me, I'm not special. I swear I feel it calling for us. Like it's waiting for us to wake up. I'm sorry if I'm rambling. I got really freaked out tonight. And I just had to run into the backyard because my dog and my neighbor's dogs were going crazy over something in the wash behind our house.

It's 9:30 pm where I'm at. The incident happened about 33 mins ago (evening of May 20th). My town (near Tucson, Arizona) doesn't have a lot of street lights, it's got regulations on light pollution because we have a few university and privately owned telescopes nearby. So the majority of our streets and neighborhood are dark compared to the city. I was out walking the dog, our usual nightly walk. Tonight, I decided to call a friend and catch up with her. I like talking while I walk because time goes by so much faster for me. I'm headed up the main road that brings you in and out of our neighborhood. It's kind of S-shaped and long enough that I can up and down it twice and be tuckered out.

As I'm walking the last curve of the "S" shaped road that leads to the main road I see this figure come into view. I can make out his silhouette from the lights on the main road. He's standing on the opposite side of the road near the entrance to my neighborhood. The body structure looked like a male to me, tall with broad shoulders so I'm going to say "he" from here on out. The way he was standing immediately had me concerned. He was kind of hunched forward, head down like he was holding or looking at his stomach. His legs were bent in towards each other at the knees and he was just standing crooked. Meth-heads, addicts and people with mental health issues are no strangers to this town, just like the big cities these days, so that was my original thought.

"A meth-head found his way into our neighborhood" I said to my friend as casually as talking about a stray cat. I feel kind of embarrassed to admit this. I was talking about another human, possibly sick human in such a callused manner. And to be honest when I'm scared like I was I kind of talk tough because I think it's going make me braver or something. But anyway, my friend says "What?" I say "Some meth-head looking mofo is standing at the entrance to my street." The very second I finished saying this he stood straight up and turned slightly towards me, not enough for me to see his face but as if we was listening to me. I told my friend this and other than a mumbled "WTF" from her end, I really didn't hear anything else she said as my heart started beating hard. I guess the blood rushing through my ears blocked out the sound. I then say to her, in a very low voice, "I think this guy heard me."

It sure as f*ck looked like he heard me. I mean he could have, I wasn't exactly whispering and I do drag me feet sometimes. It was like my friend just understood me, she didn't ask "what?" or say "huh" she simply said "what's he doing now?" as if she could feel what I was seeing. I said "he's just standing there but he kind of turned towards me." She replies, "maybe turn around or go down another street, what's Sam doing?" (Sam is my dog, large mixed breed, semi protective of me and the fam). I look down and Sam is standing still, eyes fixated on the man. He does this same thing when strangers approach our house or even out in public when someone he doesn't know approaches our 6 yr old daughter. "He's frozen, alert, starring at the guy." I say. Sam's ears are raised, he's definitely concerned about the man. I glance up and the man shifts to the right as if the sidewalk suddenly moved and he was trying to catch his balance. Sam flinched, alert, he lunged forward and let out a low grumble-y bark. "Sam says it's time to go," my friend on says. "Yeah, no shit," I reply and we turn around. I tell my friend I'll call her back as I wanted to pick up the pace and get home. She says "yeah, no worries, call me when you're home so I don't worry."

I hang up and start walking briskly, Sam and I both keep turning around checking the status of the crooked man. The road curves so we loose sight of him real quick. I have my flashlight in hand ready to go. It's the only thing I had on me tonight. It's made of solid steel so I was holding it like a weapon. Sam whimpers and lets out a small growl. He usually whimpers like that when he sees a rabbit or lizard but the growls are reserved for strangers and/or uncomfortable situations, which this was. I thought I was going to turn around and see the guy standing right behind us. Holy f*ck. I did turn and I did see the man, he wasn't that close but is was obvious he was following us. I could see his legs shuffling. He was walking really weird. It was like small awkward steps but his body was moving faster than it should for such small steps. He was gaining on us fast. Sam turned completely around and did his little stoic guard dog thing, ears up, head down, looking like he was going to attack. For a brief second I thought to myself, "what if it's a just a handicapped neighbor out for a walk and I'm misjudging this situation because I watch too much Bedtime Stories or something? Maybe I should say hello."

So... I say "hello." Nothing. No reply, nothing, just silence. But Sam starts growling again. He's quickly closing the gap between us and I'm at a loss on what to do. What really started freaking me out, there was no sound. We live in the desert, our sidewalks and streets always have debris, dust, rocks, dead leaves, branched, mesquite pods, something is always strewn all over the walkways. You can always hear someone walking in our neighborhood. Even if the sidewalk was clean and clear of debris you would still hear foot steps and from the look of his awkward shuffling it should be making a lot of noise. I raise the flashlight. I often think that maybe my flashlight would come in handy as a blinder if nothing else, it's a very bright light. I click it on and pretty much sh*t my pants.

His face looked like something from a horror movie, distorted and bent out of shape as if someone took a photo of a face mid scream and then stretched it out. His eyes were black, I did not see any white in them at all. His mouth was open and stretched down and up, again as if someone stretched a pic of a distorted demon face. Sam saw this too and started barking. I immediately clicked the flashlight off, instinctively, I didn't want to see that face anymore. Sam starts pulling me towards the crooked man, I think he's going go into attack mode. But I don't want to get closer to whatever this is coming at us. My heart is racing at this point, beating so hard I thought I was going to fall over, like that sudden rush you get when you stand up too fast but times ten. My mind is trying to rationalize this. "I'm seeing things," I tell myself. "Look again and you'll see" I say to myself. I turn the light on again and as soon as it illuminates his distorted face I see his already big twisted mouth open even wider and then he vanishes. Just f*cking vanishes. Poof, gone, blinked off like a gif just went blank on a computer screen.

We took off, full sprint all the way home. I tell my fiancé I saw someone that freaked me out, a meth-head. I don't go into details because this kind of stuff really freaks her out and she'll be up all night. I call my friend and tell her what happened and that I'm home safe. I get on here and start typing when the fiancé comes in and tells me the dogs are going nuts and that someone is walking through the wash behind our house. "Maybe it's the same crackhead?" she asks. I went out and checked but was too late to see anything." 

Sam and I are awake and sitting in the living room. I didn't call the cops. I think (I hope) that thing is gone." DT


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