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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Unknown Cryptid Encounter Shocks Witness in Lower Saxony, Germany

A woman living in the Seven Mountains region in Lower Saxony, Germany describes an encounter with an unknown beast that was on the roof above her bedroom.

I recently came across the following account:

"It took me some time, but I think I'm finally ready to share my encounter with you now. It happened in Western Germany, in the Seven Mountains (Siebengebirge) region in Lower Saxony. What I'm about to share is the genuine truth.

It all started with a horrible "animal" screaming sound outside my house at night, which I already compared to all wildlife animal sound records from Zoology Institutes, but nothing comes close to it. It kind of sounded like a woman screaming in agony, but then again even worse. It felt like I could feel the sounds vibration in my veins, it's hard to describe. It was really scary.

I live in a tiny house next to forests and mountains. It was a dark October night and I lay in my bed, which is in a sleeping corner. Right in front is a window, which is always half opened and above me is just a flat roof. Garden all around the house.

At first I heard 1 animal / creature scream. Then there seemed to be 2 of them. They sounded very close and wouldn't stop screaming for minutes. The next thing I heard, was something heavy running through the garden under my bed window. Followed by heavy branches breaking at the height of my level (2nd floor). I also heard a loud "rush of air / wind" combined to that. In the next second, this animal / creature jumped on my roof (so in that moment it was right above me, ca. 2-3 meters). And that was the moment, when things started to get messy and very confusing to me, until this day.

First I want to point out, that this animal / creature sounded so... heavy, when it landed. I don't know of any animal species, that big, around here. It sounded massive and therefore surreal. Also the quickness of it's movements seemed surreal.

After that jump it started to run on my roof. From one side to the other. It first sounded like it was something extremely heavy - on 2 legs. But that suddenly changed to, what sounded like something extremely heavy - on 4 paws. I remember sitting straight up in bed right "under it" with an intense pulse and my mind just trying to process, what I'm hearing. What kind of creature that is? That was also the turning point, when I seriously felt threatened. Since I'm a girl living alone in a tiny house and didn't really have any protection to fight something massive like this off (just knives or pepper spray, which quiet sure would've been useless). So I decided to do something stupid (I guess). I thought maybe I could shock it / scare it away, so I hit against my bed window with my flat hand, as hard and loud, as I could. What happened next messes with me until today.

Not even 1 second passed, after I hit the glass, when this creature hit it right back from outside. So, it must have been sitting right above me in that moment and reached down to my window. And it reacted so quickly, it was surreal. The sound of what touched my window glass sounded like a mix between big claws and feathers. This reaction and the way it sounded put me in kind of a shock I guess. I realized I'm quiet screwed in that moment. Because whatever it was, it was very intelligent, huge, and wouldn't back off. That's how it felt to me. As if it would say: "You have no power here. I am always one step further. Know your lane."

Basically I just froze then. On my bed, my back at the wall, starring at where it hit the window glass. I was too scared to go too close to it. I was too scared to breathe even. Then it suddenly just left my roof, which sounded again like a massive weight would jump off in the air.

I never shared this encounter before, because I felt pretty alone with it. Until last night, when I went on Reddit to look for someone from Germany who experienced something similar.

His post is today 24 days ago: He and his hunting buddy heard the same screaming sounds from a cow field, then they were chased for a short time by something but couldn't see it. Reading about his encounter made me want to step forward with mine as well.

Since there are quiet some confusing aspects / details to my encounter, it's a bit hard to find someone with a similar experience." OG

NOTE: any thoughts as to what this woman encountered? Lon


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