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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tall Headless Bipedal Entity Observed in Rural North Georgia

A rural north Georgia high school student described a headless bipedal entity that he witnessed near his home one evening. He also states that it transformed or blended in with a street sign.

The following account was referred to me by a 3rd party:

"I’m a high school teacher in rural north Georgia. I love my job. I teach math, which I love and the kids hate, so to keep the kids on my side, I frequently give them breaks to just shoot the shit and do whatever. So by now my students know I love talking about certain topics, including the paranormal but especially UFOs. We actually listened to the 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' audiobook yesterday in the class.. So today, a student (super super smart and talented kid, I might add. Charming, witty, a great young person) says to me, “Hey, I have a story.”

He was driving to his home from the gym at about 9:30 PM some day last week. He said he was feeling great, had a great pump, everything. He was turning on to his street when he saw a bipedal thing moving quickly in the direction of the road he was about to turn onto. It was in an open field and said it was the color of my classroom wall (basically white, but when I said it was white, he would say no and say it was the color of the wall). He said it was tall and slender but not just skin and bones, still muscled. He said it was moving at a speed similar with his car across this field and said its legs were long and it had big feet. I’m struggling to exactly recall or honestly make sense of how he described its legs and locomotion, and I’m going to ask for clarification tomorrow, but it also seemed like he was struggling to describe it in the first place. He mentioned its knees being prominent but also that it seemed to have that weird classic dog leg thing going on but only when its leg was back. He said when the a leg was forward it bent like a human leg. So I’m kind of imagining it taking these fast tiptoe looking steps where when its leg comes down and back it maybe changes shape or something. He said its arms were long and it had “witch fingers.” He did not see a head or neck on its shoulders.

We looked at that classic 4chan “skinwalker” trap cam picture where it’s looking at the camera and he said “that’s what I saw, but without a head.” He said it left a tall, blurry trail of its own image as it moved. And then the oddest thing of all, he said it “turned into a [street] sign.” So I asked for a lot of clarification on this, but he seemed as confused as I did. He said he watched it cross the street and blend into an existing street sign and disappear via this transformation. I’ve suggested he could return to the location of the sighting and see what he can find or remember.

I find this person’s report credible, in that I believe that he believes himself. I know a hell of a lot more about shit in the sky than on the ground though, so I wanted to bring this to this community. Please let me know what you think, or especially if this rings similar to other encounters." LS

NOTE: I told the writer that the student may have seen either a crawler humanoid or another type of ethereal entity. Seems similar to the 'Fresno nightcrawler' phenomena in some respects. I really doubt that it was a skinwalker, which is a native shapeshifting witch. The teacher insist that this student is convinced of what he witnessed and doesn't believe that he made it up. Lon


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