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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Manifestations of Cryptid Beings: Interdimensional Rifts or Glimpses Into Alternate Realities?

A reader describes past incidents experienced by relatives in the UK, including a thin black red-eyed being and a white featureless humanoid. Where are they coming from?

I recently received the following inquiry from a reader:

"What I thought was interesting was the dark winged creatures with sometimes glowing eyes that you were discussing.

My brother told me that he was camping at Overstone Grounds, Northampton, England when he had a encounter with something that sounds similar to what you were describing. Although he never stated that he noticed it had wings, he did describe it as tall, thin, jet black body with dimly lit red eyes. He said it wasn’t moving but just staring at him with what he thought was a aggressive posture.

He looked around to see if anybody else was outside their tents awake and as he looked back the being was gone. He stated it made no sound at any point and there was no communication of any kind. My brother has no interest or belief in the paranormal.

The second encounter involved my son and his friend at my previous address. They was both playing upstairs in the main bedroom when they then decided to come downstairs. As they walked past my bedroom they stated that they both saw what they described as a tall white figure standing next to the bed. They said it paid no attention to them and slowly walked towards the window until completely disappearing. My son described it has having no facial features and what looked like a white aura emitting from it.

I’ve also had a couple of small occurrences myself involving a incident with a jet black dog and numerous EVP responses. Do you have any theories as to what these encounters could be related to? From the research I have done I’m stuck between extraterrestrial and/or interdimensional. Best regards. MT"

NOTE: to answer MT's inquiry, I believe that these sightings are more likely to be the result of brief openings of interdimensional rifts, as opposed to glimpses into other alternate realities or parallel worlds. The Chicago / Lake Michigan winged humanoid phenomenon also falls into this category in my opinion.

Nonetheless, both of these theories are based on conjecture at this point in time. We may eventually be able to find more concrete evidence, but it will most likely require mainstream applications of quantum computing and a more advanced understanding of particle physics. Lon


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