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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Gruesome Glowing 'Humanoid' Encountered at Local Jackson County, Ohio Cemetery

A Jackson County, Ohio resident suddenly has an urge to visit a local cemetery, despite her boyfriend's reservations. While there she encounters a glowing pale humanoid among the gravestones.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This occurred two years ago during the eve of the winter solstice. That day, I can't explain it, I got this feeling that I wanted to visit the cemetery where my family was interred. I felt it had to be that day, that place. I live in semi-rural Jackson County, Ohio. My boyfriend came over and I told him. He tried talking me out of it, saying he had a bad feeling about this but ultimately decided he would drive me if I was really set on going, which I was.\

By the time we got there the sky had grown dark, started to rain, and the wind had a biting chill to it. I was set on my mission, though, and got out of the car which my boyfriend refused to leave. I felt odd, nervous and calm at the same time. There was a charge in the air from the rising storm, the gravestones lit up from the headlights and the full moon between the clouds.

Walking toward where my family is buried I had a sudden urge to go to the farthest part of the cemetery, where the older graves rested. I turned the light on my phone and made my way behind the graves, close to the tree line to avoid disturbing the peace. I tend to look at my feet when I walk and I was doing just that when I got the feeling I was being watched. An uneasy feeling lingered at the base of my neck. I had walked for a while and could no longer see the lights of the car. I began to point my phone around, behind me, toward the trees to my left, and the gravesites to my right. I froze at the sight of it.

Perched on top of a stone marker, the entity whipped its pale head around, which sort of glowed a faint eerie blue. Its face was void of any features, except for slight indents where its eyes should be. As my light touched it, it revealed a mouth full of thin teeth and let out an ear-piercing shriek, sinking to its hands and feet in a crouch and disappearing into the thick of the woods before I could blink. I was shocked! I stood still for a solid five seconds, trying to comprehend what I had seen. It finally processed and I turned to run as fast as I possibly could back to the car.

I was out of breath and seeing spots when I reached it, dove in and shut and locked the door. My boyfriend was bewildered and asked what was wrong, but I shouted over him to drive away right NOW! I watched out the back glass to see if we were being followed. Attempting to sketch the creature as soon as I got home, I recounted what happened over and over, trying to disprove to myself what I thought had happened. I could find no logical rationality to explain it away. I saw what I saw. I put it from my mind though, not wanting to dwell on unseen things seen, and haven't visited the cemetery since.

Last night I was watching Netflix, an episode in Vol. 2 of 'Love, Death & Robots - The Tall Grass.' I was freaked while I watched, clenching a pillow to my chest, mouth hanging open, palms sweating. I had seen those creatures before, or one of them, and decided to turn to Google to see what I could find out about them. I found you. What did I encounter? FH


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