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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Recently Reported Unexplained UAP / UFO Encounters

4 separate accounts of recently reported unexplained encounters with unknown craft, orbs or UAPs that took place in Oregon, Washington, Texas and Arizona.

I recently came across the following accounts:

West Linn, Oregon - 12/22/2018 - 7:00PM: "It was about 7pm or so on a very well-lit full moon (or nearly so) night. I walked to the back of the house, which sits on the edge of a river terrace overlooking a narrow floodplain below and river. We have a brick walkway the leads to a wooden boardwalk the winds down to the river.

As I approached the boardwalk I stopped and noticed something moving very slowly up the boardwalk, moving up the boardwalk from left to right. Distance of about 10 feet. The moonlight shown well onto it and I could see that it was an oval shaped, black mass with blurry edges surrounded by a fairly transparent (translucent) orb around it. The orb around it was about 1 foot thick around the black mass and together the entire portal was about 6-7 feet in height, and about 4 feet in diameter. The orb around the black mass was active, looking to be charged with energy of some sort. There were angular black pieces, which resembled charcoal, flickering and bouncing around within the orb as it moved. The inner black mass was completely dark. The exterior of the orb was very well defined, almost like a bubble. It made a very dull hum or vibration noise.

I observed for about 10-30 seconds, in absolute confusion about what it could be. But it looked simple evil so I immediately walked quickly back into the house. I did not tell my family what I had seen until 2 years later when I discussed the sighting with a MUFON researcher. She determined that it was likely a portal. I am located on a Ley Line, but not sure if that helps or not. Incredible experience, and extremely real." MUFON


Vancouver, Washington - 2/6/2012 - 11:20PM: "I was a forward air controller in the USAF and have 29 years in the aviation business including some pilot training. I opened the garage awaiting my wife to come home from her day as a flight attendant. I saw a glowing orb in the eastern sky. The orb went left to right, forward and back then shot straight up in the sky at a very high speed. It looked like a baseball. I was able to get a still photo.

What's strange is in the still picture there are trees missing from the vantage point where I took the photo from my driveway. It makes no sense. You should also see houses by those trees and we can't explain the golden haze at the bottom of the picture that looks like tan grasses. That should be the top of a gray house. Also, we are very close to a highway and at that time of night there isn't much traffic.

When I initially saw the object about 4 car horns were going off. Also, there was no wind or thunderstorm activity. I was unable to attach files. When I click "choose file" below nothing happens. I tried copying and pasting and click and drag and neither worked. We showed it to a neighbor who works for the FAA and he said it was very compelling." (No photo provided) YM


"Last night (3.18/2021) I was in my backyard (West Texas) looking up at the sky just relaxing when I see the strangest light moving in ways that just didn’t match anything I know. (It was a steady white light, it looked small and not too far away.) When I first noticed it, it was heading away from me, but the moment I noticed it, it stopped, and turned back to where it was coming from. (It wasn’t a drone, I would’ve heard it and almost all drones have flashing lights.)

I got up and ran to the only thing I had that could signal at it, my car. I started flashing my lights at it and it LITERALLY STOPPED AND CAME TOWARDS ME! It flew over my car at a height of about 40-60 FT, then stopped about 20 yards from my car and flew over my car again in the opposite direction. It had no shape, just light, a dot of light. I was freaked out, and my fight or flight response kicked in. Anyways, I got out of the car to follow it, and when I got out it stopped and floated. I waved at it just to see if maybe whatever it is can see me, and when I waved, it moved left and right as if to wave back! It then just floated and scooted really fast in all directions in no apparent pattern, but, whenever I waved at it, it would follow my hand. It was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever experienced and completely reframed how I think about UFOs. They’re out there, whatever “they” are." GW


This happened in the autumn of 2019 in Phoenix, AZ. My friends, family, and I gathered together to go and enjoy a Saturday outing to the park. This park was your typical open field site, and the field is as large as 4 football stadiums. It had no playgrounds, really not much trees so you would be able to easily play catch or football.

I decided to play a game of catch football with my friends. My friend and I decided to toss the ball around for a bit until the game began, as the rest of the gang were still settling in.

Perhaps 10 minutes into the practice, my friend tossed the ball directly to me with good precision that I moved a foot to my right. But as the ball was coming towards me, I looked up and right above me, I saw what I can describe to you as a black saucer or stealth craft. Mind you, I only saw the bottom of the object as I was looking north, but oddly, the object remained steady, did not move, or make any noise. At that time, knew all about UFOs, but I wanted to make certain I wasn't hallucinating any of it.

As I looked back down at my friend, I told him to look up. That's when I noticed he hadn't moved, him and everyone else were frozen! I yelled to grab the attention of family members but no answer. The whole field that had dozens of families enjoying their day, well, were all frozen in time. No one moved, birds remained still in the sky, the air seemed dusty and had no scent. Now, I hadn’t left my spot for the fact I was in shock but was surprised I was able to move my mouth and arms.

Here’s the kicker. As I looked up at the sky once again, the object that was there has now disappeared. No noise, beautiful clear blue sky, but no object. I looked back down at my friend and remained confused. Then that’s when I heard my friend say, "hey, throw the ball." Everything went back to normal. This all happened in a matter of seconds.

I quickly asked my friend if he just saw the same object as I did, stupidly expecting him to say yes. He was confused but knew how serious I was at the moment. I never spoke about what happened to me until recently when I mentioned it to my spouse. Not sure what happened, but I would not like to encounter it ever again." C


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