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Monday, May 03, 2021

Strange Encounters While Waiting For The Joplin, Missouri Spook Light

The witness was waiting to observe the Joplin Spook Light in Missouri. During the wait, her and a companion said that they encountered early native people and possible Reptilians.

I recently received the following account from a reader:

"What I'm writing about occurred in the late 1980's or very early 1990's. I do not remember the exact year.

This occurred on E50, a rural road also called Spook Light Road near the small town of Hornet, Missouri and just outside the large city of Joplin, Missouri. 

The Spook Light is a ball of white to orange light that is seen traveling down this dirt road almost nightly. Its origin, composition, and history are still uncertain. Many have tried to determine what it is exactly from headlights to electricity generated from fault lines.  No actual explanation has been proven.

The legend of the Spook Light goes back more than 100 years and includes Native American chieftains and pioneers looking for lost children.

When the people coming to see the light come in small groups they are more likely to get a glimpse of the shy phenomenon and a lot less likely to have the locals call the sheriff to run them off.

I had wanted to go check out the famous Spook Light for several years and had finally found a few like-minded explorers to go with. 

We were lucky that night in that there were only two cars there besides our own two vehicles and the others left before ten PM. The time that was supposed to be the best to see the light was between 10 PM and midnight. 

It was a little chilly so we all sipped coffee, checked our cameras and whispered among ourselves while waiting.

On a whim, I had brought slivers of a large quartz rock the cat had knocked off a shelf. I wanted to see if the quartz would attract orbs. My own theory and one I had wanted to try for some time.

To the right and the left of the road were two large patches of dense woods. Across a cross road was a small open meadow. When no one was watching, I slipped the envelope with the slivers of quartz from my coat pocket and threw them into the wooded area on the left side of the road.

I returned to the car to watch what might happen. Two women who were with us had decided to go up the cross road between the woods and the meadow and look for the Devil's Bridge which was being torn down at the time. I declined as I preferred to see what happened (if anything) to my quartz experiment. 

The man who came with the other two women in one vehicle said he was going into the woods to see if he could find something he had heard was there...and to keep and eye out on the women.

I told him I would stay behind and give a whistle if the Spook Light appeared. I assumed he was going to try to sneak up on the women and scare them somehow as a joke. I had crawled through enough stickers, blackberry bushes and thorn trees in the past and had no desire to attend the activities.

My wait wasn't long!  Across the road I could see at least a dozen orbs, self-illuminated bright white or a more docile yellow, moving quickly through the trees. They would hover for a few seconds in one spot, then fly off to repeat that pattern again and again. They were feeding off of the energies of the quartz I had thrown in there! 

I glanced up the road – no Spook Light yet. Then I glanced up the Devil's Bridge road and saw neither the other women or the man. The orbs were suddenly gone.

Filled with awe I walked up the hill a bit where the Spook Light might appear. As I saw a dim light starting to rise above the hill, I turned to go call back the rest of the group. I had only taken a few steps when I became aware of a ball game going on in the recently empty meadow!

There were a few men and several young boys running around in leggings and bare-chested, kicking a 'ball' made of some type of leather it looked like. 

Standing there, mouth opened and totally confused, I couldn't move, nor whistle!  One of the young boys followed the kicked ball right toward me. There was a wire fence around the meadow and he stopped, picked up the ball and looked at me!  Our eyes locked.  He had just become aware of my presence as I became aware of his. 

We both stood there dumbfounded until one of the men looked over and yelled at the boy and motioned him to come to him. The boy just smiled at me, laughed aloud, turned and ran toward the man.

“Hey!” It was the women back, sans devil of course. “The light's out! Why didn't you call us?”

“Well, there were these little lights and some … Indians...” I was at a loss for words.

I kept staring into the meadow and the women said, “It's coming down the hill!” 

I turned and saw it! The famous Joplin Spook Light. “Gee,” I whispered to myself.  I did not find it so very impressive; not nearly as impressive as watching a dozen smaller lights dance through the woods, turn into a tribe of kick ball playing warriors and then disappear right in front of me! 

The long-lost man finally showed up. He watched the light with the other women for a few minutes, then the light faded.

We all headed back to our cars for more warm coffee. It wasn't just the excitement of the night that had us trembling!

The man grabbed my sleeve and we slowed our walk. He took a deep breath as if he was gathering his determination to tell me something.

“What happened in the woods?” I asked.

He put his head closer to mine and whispered.  “I can't tell them, they won't believe me.  You probably won't believe me either but hear me out.”

Then he told me where he had been, what he had seen, and what he hoped had not seen him.

“I walked head on into an open portal of some type.” He spoke faster. “There was a metal room with three huge Reptilians standing in it! I've heard of these guys and they are not to be messed with!” He took a deep breath. “I tried not to make a noise, heck I tried not to breath afraid they would hear me. I didn't know if I was on a ship, in outer space or still in these back woods!  The Reptilians were looking at some computer screens and talking to each other.  I couldn't see what they were looking at and I didn't understand what they were saying. I was trying to remember where the door should be.  All I could see was solid walls. Then one of them started to turn and I knew if he turned all the way around I'd be seen! I started walking backwards and felt myself falling through the wall. I tell you, I was never so happy to back into a thorn bush!”

He finished his tale and I was once again standing on a dirt road with my mouth open in disbelief. 

“Don't tell anyone!” he warned.

“Oh, I won't,” I agreed. “It's OK, calm down and let's just get out of here.”

We all got into our vehicles without another word. I've not seen the man since and have no idea if he made it home with his two companions or if the Reptilians followed him. He has called me once since then and said he had gotten married. His voice lowered to a whisper and he added, “Don't ever talk about what I told you. I'm being followed and I can't talk on the phone for long. Best of luck. Don't go back to the Spook Light!”

I have never gone back to the Spook Light road or the Devil's Bridge area. I don't think he saw any Reptilians!  I think he had no luck scaring the other two women and thought he'd get a rise out of me. That's what I tell anyone who asks. But, I have never gone back to the Spook Light road or the Devil's Bridge area – and I never will." NM


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