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Friday, May 14, 2021

Shocking 'Crawler Humanoid' Encountered Along Obscure Monterey, CA Road

A couple in Monterey, California are driving late at night along a dark winding road when the woman glimpses a bizarre humanoid figure and panics. What did she see? Was it an alien being?

I recently came across the following account:

"This happened to me while I was in college (20+ years ago) and I never forgot it. It was one of the first times I ever remember seeing true fear and panic on someone's face.

This part will only spatially make sense if you are familiar with Monterey, California. I lived in the Seaside area, and my college girlfriend lived in Carmel Valley. Sometimes when I would drive her home late at night we would take a lightly used roadway called Laureles Grade. It was long, dark, and full of winding turns. It also let us out near her house, so it was a minor time saver.

We were driving home late one night and we were chatting and laughing about something or another, as we usually did on the ride. Then she looks out the window, stops mid sentence, SCREAMS, then looks forward and yells GO GO GO! She is absolutely terrified at this point! I floor it, and ask her what is happening and she won't talk. She is literally next to me hyperventilating.

I drove unsafely fast through the twists and turns of the road and a few minutes later slowed down, assuming that whatever scared her was fast in our rear view. By this point she is calmed a bit as well and I ask her again, what happened.

Her first reply was, "You didn't see it?" She then proceeds to tell me that as we were driving around a corner, she was looking out the window and my headlights lit up a human looking animal, standing along the side of the road disjointedly on all fours, with a human-like face that looked like it was hissing.

My first reaction was that it might actually be a hurt person and maybe we should go back or call 911, but she was adamant that, "NO, it was NOT a person, and there was no way we're going back!"

We got to her house a few minutes later and, out of extra precaution, called the local police and asked them to go and check the area. We never had any follow up from them.

Fast forward several years (15 or so) and I was telling a coworker who was from that area about the incident. She got really spooked and when I finished she told me that Laureles Grade was known for strange sightings and is a spot that UFO fanatics tend to go to (I'm NOT a UFO guy) which I thought was interesting." HF


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