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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Humanoids 4: Recent Additions to the Rosales Database


Thanks to Albert S. Rosales for providing the newest humanoid updates from his ever-expanding database:

Location: Imperial County, California

Date: August 2016

Time: 2:30 a.m.

The witness was driving to locate a specific area in Imperial County, it was exceedingly early, approximately 230am, in an extremely rural area. He pulled to the side of a two-lane paved road to check his GPS mapping. He observed two white lights traveling in a slow and seemingly aimless manner, to his west between 10 and 30 degrees above the ground, the distance was hard to judge due to the darkness and terrain, however, his best estimate would be less than a mile.

He exited his vehicle and leaned against the front fender, had a cigarette, and watched curiously as the lights drifted and floated silently in the sky. He got back into his car and drove up the road approximately 100 yards in order to see if he might get a better perspective. Upon exiting his vehicle, the lights appeared a little closer, however, he still heard no sound coming from the direction of the lights. Approximately 30 seconds later the lights simply disappeared, no bright flashes, no speeding off into the distance, they just vanished from his view. Puzzled, but not concerned he stamped out his cigarette and got back into his car, before he had a chance to start the engine a man seemingly appeared out of nowhere behind the drivers left rear of his car. He was dressed in dark clothing and the witness remembers his shoes were noisy, like hard soles on gravel. Being startled as he was, he quickly screamed at the man “You just scared the crap out of me!”. He did not ben down to the window he just stood there, then he asked in a very casual manner if the witness needed directions. He told him that he was good and that he was just watching the lights. The stranger did not say anything else, he just turned around and walked away as if he was returning to his car. The witness tried to watch in his rearview mirror to see where he had pulled off the road but there was not anything like a vehicle that he could see, and he was no longer in sight. The witness started his car and drove off very confused about what had just happened.



Location: Rio Colorado, La Pampa, Argentina

Date: August 9 2016

Time: night

Several workers at a local farm were alerted by the presence of strange lights in the field and went to investigate, thinking that it could had been poachers. However, at the site they found numerous mutilated heads of cattle with perfect incisions in the jaw area and hind quarters. Suddenly one of the men saw two strange figures, one tall the other shorter, several shots were fired at the figures, but the witnesses could not confirm if they had struck their target. The shocked witnesses described the figures as having scaly backs and heinous grayish facial features. The next morning one of the workers went to inspect the fields around 9am when he encountered a small entity. He was so shocked that he refused to work in the farm again and sent friends to gather his belongings, so he did not have to go. The owner of the ranch installed security cameras all over the area in the hope of capturing an image of the intruders. The government office (SENASA) (The National watchdog for health and farm products) investigated the matter, along with the police department. There was great secrecy in the investigation. Tracks were found 10 meters from each other, resembling tracks left by an unidentified leaping entity. The total number of farm animals affected was about 40 to 50. 

Source: Carlos Ferguson, “Aterrizajes de Ovnis en la Argentina” p. 706 citing web Vision Ovni


Location: Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Date: August 10 2016

Time: 23:15

The witness was on his way home in Jackson, Mississippi, he was driving north on I-55 about a ½ mile south of the Route 10 overpass. About 100 yards ahead, he saw something crossing the highway from his left to right. When his headlights illuminated the figure, he swears he saw a walking “lizard man”. It walked like a human on its feet, and it had greenish-brown shiny skin. It had a huge prominent thick tail and reached the roadway. The body was that of a man – same arms, legs, and head – maybe 6 ft tall. It swiftly crossed the highway. He lost track of it when he passed by. He still cannot believe what he saw.

Source: www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/ET/reptilians/tangipahoa.html


Location: Orem, Utah

Date: October 15 2016

Time: noon

Around noon a 10-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother were out playing in a field behind their house with three other kids from the neighborhood. The field is about 2.5 acres in size and full of old cherry trees (it used to be an orchard) and knee-high orchard grass. Their parents were in the kitchen when the kids came running in terrified, claiming they had seen some small red creature peeking out from behind the bush. They were both struck by how seriously scared they were. They all saw it and explained how they watched it for a minute or so as it kept looking at them. The father went outside later and based on their description, he estimated that the creature had been about 70ft from them. They asked the children about 20 questions, was is a fox, a dog? Etc, but the children insisted that it had been a creature on two legs and bright red. Like fire engine red, not a huge of red that exists in nature. The color they described made him skeptical. However, both husband and wife were still mildly creeped out, but they sort of wrote it off as kids seeing things. The kids refused to go back out that day.

Later that evening after dark, around 21:00 x 22:00, their 16-year-old son (who had no knowledge of what his siblings claimed they saw earlier) came into the house scared, claiming he had seen something bizarre. He and two friends were walking just a few blocks from the house and saw a craft in the air. He said initially his brain could not compute what it was. It was too low and not moving fast enough. At first, he thought it was a plane or helicopter crashing, but realized it was not when he saw that it was triangular shaped with lights on the corners and was too slow and steady. He said there was a slight buzzing sound to it, and it was dull metallic in texture.

He said it eventually went behind some trees that were around the house. He and his friends ran to keep it in their line of sight, but once they got to where they should had seen it, it had disappeared. He said given the speed it was moving and the time it took them to get into a better position, it should have still been there. So, it seemed to have disappeared and the improbableness of it frightened them. He came home pretty shook about it and he is not one to exaggerate or make stuff up.

Source: NUFORC


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Date: October 26 2016

Time: evening

It was raining steadily, and still light enough to see somewhat, not completely dark yet. The witness was driving, and her husband was in the passenger seat. They were sitting at a red light in a largely industrial area with warehouses and manufacturing plants all around. There was no other traffic. She noticed something approaching from some warehouses on her left and moving at tremendous speed. It was about 8 ft tall, very skinny, no hair, with skin that appeared tan in color, or maybe brown. She remarked at the peculiarity of its stride, saying that when each leg went to the back, it was extended extremely far to the back, almost like a lunge exercise, only it was clearly its normal gait as it did not appear awkward when doing it.
She was so focused upon the legs and the stride that she did not notice arms, saying that perhaps they were drawn up against its chest. The head appeared perhaps a bit small and oddly shaped, but again, she was fixated on its legs and the way it ran so she only saw it peripherally. It moved with incredible speed toward the ar, within seconds crossing the road pretty much right in front of their stopped car, then it disappeared into some brush on the other side. Her husband was looking in the opposite direction, seeing it only quite fleetingly, saying he thought it was a deer, only it was on two legs. She also likened it somewhat to “The Rake”.
Another man had seen the exact same type of creature around 8 years prior, running on all fours down a road in a county on the eastern side of Cincinnati. He remarked that even though it was on four legs, it looked like it could easily have gotten up on two.



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