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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part VI

The Real 'Resident Aliens' - Part VI

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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People from Other Planets Are Living Among Us

As the co-editor of the Flying Saucer Report (Bedford, Ohio, 1967-1972), I was always keeping an eye out for any references to extraterrestrials among us.  One of the more popular magazines at the time, dealing with paranormal phenomena of every kind and published out of Hicksville, New York, was Beyond; and I made sure that I snatched up every monthly issue from the local newsstand.  In their June 1969 edition, there was a letter to the editor from an individual, Miss V. Paxton of West Virginia, who claimed to be originally from another planet.  It read as follows:

Nyockha of Pegasus

“I am originally from Pegasus.  My home planet orbits a dense, compact star.  Our atmosphere is more like a bluish haze.  There are no clouds such as are found on Earth.  The terrain consists mostly of large, black craters and high, flat-topped mountains.  Plant growth is not green, as our planet is nearer to our sun than the Earth is to its own Sun; therefore, the plants take on more of a chartreuse shade.  I have been in spiritual contact with my original parents since childhood.  They brought me here to be born on Earth.  I even remember the trip here.  My soul-name is Nyockha.”

While the magazine only gave West Virginia as her Earth address, the editors had the envelope and knew of the exact location; but when they followed up on it and tried to get in contact with Ms. Paxton to conduct an interview with her for a follow-up article to her letter, nothing turned up at that address.  Martin M. Cummings, a staff writer for Beyond, reported in the November 1969 issue, that Ms. Paxton’s letter was not the only one where the writer claimed to be an alien.  Since the publication of the June issue until the November issue was out in print, four persons had written to the editorial offices with similar claims of extraterrestrial origin, either for themselves or someone they knew. 

One letter came from a subscriber living in Lima, Peru, who told of a 64-year-old woman living alone on the outskirts of the small village of Cerrado, Peru, about a five-hour journey distant by car from the capital city.  The elderly, grey-haired woman, Carmen del Playa, was then working part time at the ceramic factory in Cerrado.  The Beyond subscriber insisted that her friend Carmen was indeed from another planet and had arrived on Earth 30 years ago in a spaceship made of organic material that disintegrated immediately upon contact with the surface of our world.  She has never been married and has neither children nor relatives on the Earth, at least none that anybody has any knowledge of.  According to her own telling of the story, she does have a father, a mother and two brothers living on a planet a little larger than the Earth, called Plazenile, that orbits a red star situated on the rim of the Andromeda galaxy.  

“I was one of three citizens chosen to undertake a space exploration in a specially prepared craft,” said Carmen del Playa to, adding that, “It was powered by an energy consumption system similar to that used by the human body itself and constructed of organic materials capable of withstanding pressure and producing oxygen and food through systematic growth on its walls.

“At the time of the craft’s departure from our planet, I was roughly 364 years old, or in early middle age according to standards of Plazenile.  My two companions were younger.  We were trained in the science of ‘Utente,’ or the gathering of knowledge through osmotic perception of environment.

“Our task was to explore any inhabited planets we found, and return to our own planet with information that could be used to solve Plazenile’s greatest problem- a shortage of water which may destroy all life there within the next few thousand years.

“Unfortunately, some ingredient in the soil of Earth caused our craft to disintegrate as soon as we landed one dark night in the jungle, not far from this village.

“In the confusion, I became separated from my companions.  I do not know what became of them.  But I wandered into this village and was fed and clothed by kind people.  Since I cannot return to my world, I have remained here ever since, leading the quiet and productive life which all citizens of Plazenile consider the highest and most noble.”

In Cummings’ article in Beyond, where he provides a synopsis of the lives of the four alien letter writers, he reports that the residents of Cerrado found Carmen sitting in the village square one morning in 1939.  She was wearing a dress of strange fabric that looked like something akin to “dried grass.”  At first, she did not understand anything that the people said to her and did not say anything in return.  After several days, however, she began to miraculously speak fluent Spanish, telling a strange tale of this other planet, Plazenile, and of learning to speak Spanish and obtaining a knowledge of Peruvian customs through Utente. 

She was named “del Playa” because of the name she gave for her planet- Plazenile.  She threw herself into hard work and settled down in the village, becoming a good neighbor to all.  Everyone in the village said that, apart from her “crazy story,” she was generous, kind and extremely intelligent.  Cummings noted that everyone who came to know her, came to quickly realize that Carmen del Playa’s vocabulary and education were far beyond that of the average Peruvian peasant woman and that she never gave any indication of emotional derangement.  

Carmen noted that one day her friend from Lima asked her why she, a middle-aged 364-year-old on her home planet, had aged so rapidly in the past 30 years since her arrival on Earth in 1939?  She shrugged and replied that the organic environment on Earth was different from that on Plazenile and that her rapid aging was due to the lack of certain necessary hormones provided by Plazenile’s atmosphere.

“I am not sad about this, though,” insisted Carmen del Playa, noting that, “This is a good place and these people are kind; but I do not wish to live the average Plazenilean life of 700 or 800 years without my family, friends or home.”

Like the mystic Sufi poet Rumi, some come to an understanding early in life that Earth is not their real home.  Source:  Fodor’s Travel Guide (https://www.fodors.com/).

Soul Traveler from Deruel

Another interesting case emerged from Perugia, Italy, where 79-year-old Arturo Senziadorro claims that he was transported to Earth by “soul travel” from another planet.  Like our dear friend Omnec Onec, the Venusian master from the Fifth Dimensional Plane of Venus (Venus Etheria, as it known among esotericists), Arturo maintains that his extraterrestrial soul had entered the body of a dying child, the real Senziadorro, at the moment when that child’s own soul had departed to the heavenly realms.  Of course, the strictly Roman Catholic residents of Perugia did not know what to make out of Arturo Senziadorro or his fantastic claims.  But all of his neighbors insisted that Arturo had been telling these “wild tales” ever since he was old enough to talk.  

“I was only a child myself,” wrote the white-bearded farmer Arturo in his letter to Beyond, adding that, “My real father was one of the most renowned metaphysicians on the planet of Deruel, far distant from the Earth.

“Deruel was dying.  Clouds of fire covered most of our terrain.  The sea was a turbulence of great waves and the land heaved and rocked with quakes.  Fire spouted from the barren, stone deserts north of our home.

“My father knew that our world was doomed.  He had no thought for himself; and my mother was dead.  I, his only child, was the one he chose to send across the universe by soul travel to enter the body of a child.

“The immense mental and spiritual effort necessary for this made it impossible for my father to come with me, or send others.

“There may have been other metaphysicians who sent themselves or their loved ones to Earth, the planet chosen because of its similarity to Deruel, but I do not know of them.”

Arturo Senziadorro, who lives in a small, stone house about three miles outside of Perugia, claims that his soul occupied that of the dying boy when that original Arturo was but three years old.  The neighbors recall that once upon a time, when Arturo was three years old, he was desperately ill, suffering with a severe attack of pneumonia.  They were all surprised, however, when the child had a miraculous recovery, even after a doctor from Perugia had said that he didn’t think the young Arturo was going to pull out of his dire condition.  

When Arturo was old enough to talk in relatively complete sentences and make himself understood, when he was about four years old, he began to tell his neighbors where he was from and what had happened to him on the dual dimensional planes.  His story was essentially the same as when he wrote about it in his letter to Beyond.  Like Carmen in Peru, he has been thoroughly examined by doctors who have certified him to be basically sane, except for his one fixation about being an extraterrestrial.  “Though I speak with the brain and the tongue of another person’s body,” asserts Arturo, “I retain clear memories of my home planet.”

He further explained, “It was hot- much, much hotter than Earth; but we Deruelians were constructed to stand heat better than Earth creatures.  I don’t remember many machines.  I think our civilization was more spiritually advanced than Earth, but less advanced technically.  I was too young to know much about what went on in our world; but I don’t remember any talk of wars.  Everyone seemed to love each other more than on this planet.  

“My most vivid memory is of our food.  We ate only leafy plants which provided us with water so we didn’t need to drink liquids.  Our bodies were similar to those of Earth creatures, except that the heads were much larger.  Our homes, I think I remember, were all the same- low, mound-shaped domes made of some sort of stone.”

“Implanted ET Knowledge”

Cummings, the writer for Beyond, says that a correspondent from a prominent French newspaper sent him the following story about yet another extraterrestrial living their life out on Earth:    

Georges Drounelle, twenty-seven, an assistant hospital pharmacist, claims that he was born on another planet and transported here in a spacecraft several months after his birth.  

Drounelle, who was found on the doorstep of an orphanage in Nantes, France, insists that his still immature brain was “implanted” with the knowledge that he was of extraterrestrial origin.

He further says that the space craft, which left him on Earth, then returned to his home planet in another galaxy, leaving him to grow up on Earth and learn as much about Earth culture as possible.  At some undetermined time in the future, he says, the craft will return to pick him up and take him back to his home planet, where he will deliver his information about the Earth.  

Drounelle says he remembers nothing about his home since he was brought here as an infant, and only provided with the knowledge of his mission by “implanting” techniques he cannot explain.

He does state, however, that he is sure he I not the only child from his planet brought to Earth.  There are at least a dozen others living near enough to him to make him feel their presence, Drounelle claims.

Are the aims of his planet friendly toward Earth?

“I don’t know,” he says.  “It is no concern of mine.  My first allegiance is to my own planet, far away.  If they chose to be benefactors to this planet, I will help them in that also.”

In a series of tests given by a psychologist interested in Drounelle’s tale, he showed abnormal ESP abilities, and what was termed a “remarkable” ability to concentrate the powers of his mind and will.  

Once, at a theatre performance, when a hypnotist tried to hypnotize Drounelle, the curtain had to be rung down because Drounelle himself hypnotized the hypnotist and ordered him to set himself on fire, which he did.

According to those who know him, Drounelle also seems to possess an abnormally high amount of static electricity in his body.  Sparks leap from his fingers when he touches metal.

Crashed Space Capsule in Turkey

Another relevant report has been received from Ankara, Turkey, where police had been engaged in an all-out search, lasting six days, for the missing occupants of what has been termed a “space capsule” which crashed to Earth in a virtually deserted industrial area on the outskirts of the city.  

One of the occupants was a young woman of approximately 25 years of age.  She was found stunned near the remains of the craft and wearing a one-piece, blue garment of metallic cloth.  After being taken into custody, she told authorities that she had been accompanied by two others and that all three of them were from another planet.  This young female alien explained that the intellectual adjustments that were common to all inhabitants of her native world enabled her to easily speak Turkish after a couple of days.  She also said that she and her two companions were sent to Earth because it is a planet very similar in size and atmospheric composition to her home world.  She hoped that the some of the plant life found on Earth might prove suitable as a source of seeds that she could take home with her to help alleviate a possible food shortage on her own planet.  

There had been a flash of intense light streaking toward the ground, followed by a loud explosion in the area that brought police and crowds of onlookers rushing to the apparent crash site of a mysterious object.  Unfortunately, when her space craft, or what was left of it, had been found, there was nothing but a heap of shattered, twisted and totally unrecognizable metal at the scene, about the size of a large American car.  How that young woman, who initially was in a state of shock and unable to move, survived such a violent crash has not been determined.  As to her companions, the extraterrestrial woman said that they were unharmed, and after tending to her, moved out in a northerly direction to conduct a reconnaissance of the region.  They had planned on coming back to get her with help when it would be safe to move her.  Not believing her story about being an extraterrestrial, the Turkish authorities assumed the wreckage to be that of an automobile of unknown make; but they had been unable to explain her strange costume.  

In his article, Cummings stated that, “Reliable sources are pressing for a thorough scientific examination of the young woman, it having been suggested she could be the carrier of an as yet unidentified plant disease, which might result in disastrous damage to crops all over the world.”  In the meantime, she was help incommunicado and reports that were leaking out from of place of detention suggested that she had gone on a hunger strike.  There were other unusual reports, however, that declared that the woman did not need to eat any more than twice a month, as is allegedly the case with the all the other inhabitants of her native planet.

Cummings queried persons at the Turkish national intelligence service headquarters in Ankara and was told that a “security lid” had been placed on all information concerning the crash and crash area.  Authorities at the top of the organization even insisted that no such incident ever occurred, despite numerous photographs and documentation that appeared in local newspapers.  

Cummings also mentioned that the editorial offices of Beyond received one more alien report just before the November edition went to press.  It seems that an elderly man had been discovered in a small town on the outskirts of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, who claims to have arrived on Earth from a distant solar system in an organic space craft fitting the description supplied by Carmen del Playa in Peru about the spaceship that brought her to our lovely planet.  Cummings reported that all the personnel at Beyond were already on the case, attempting to verify any similarities with Carmen del Playa’s story.


(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part VII of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller probes the issue of illegal immigration, of an extraterrestrial kind - Lon)