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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Words of an 'Angel'

A young woman, attending the funeral of her father, is suddenly approached by a mysterious woman who comforts her with loving and reassuring words. Was this an angel?

I recently came across the following account:

"I’m currently 18 and my father died in September 2020 due to a heart attack. We had a very strange relationship. He was an alcoholic and had to left our house because of one of his episodes in which he was very violent with my mum and me. Since then, he lived far away with his mother and we tried to fix the relationship, but we couldn’t. He was very aggressive with me and I needed some time to clear my mind. So we stopped talking and suddenly, he died.

I attended to his funeral with my boyfriend. My father's side of the family didn’t want to see my mother so she had to stay at home. All that side of the family hated me and my mum for unknown reasons since I was born, so I was in a very hostile place in a very depressive situation. Some of them insulted me and said hurtful things, at the funeral of my dead father, who I loved despite everything.

Due to the circumstances, I was hopeless, crying outside the church with my boyfriend by my side. Suddenly a random woman appeared. She wasn’t there before and she wasn’t part of my family. I didn’t see her anywhere.

And the conversation goes like this:

“Are you Thomas' daughter, isn’t it?”


“I want to say this before anyone told you hurtful things and mess your head up” (WTF HOW DOES SHE KNOWS? I mean the normal situation in a funeral is that everybody tries to comfort everybody).

"Your father loved you and he wanted to fix everything with you too. I was with him at every moment in his daily life and he told me everything. He loved you so much...”

And it continued like that for a bit. But then, my father's friends approached me and started to comfort me as they could.

The woman disappeared and she never showed again. He was cremated and she didn’t appear at the ceremony. (They were friends, so she supposed to know about the ceremony. Also, they talked about the ceremony, which was in 7 days after the funeral. She must have heard of it) His friend never mentioned that woman at any moment. They didn’t know her. Nobody knew.

So it was kind of... I don’t know. But her words really comforted me and helped me to confront his death. I remember the words of that mystery woman ever since I heard them." KB


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