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Tuesday, June 09, 2020

'Beyond Explanation': Phantoms & Monsters on YouTube

Hey folks...the anticipated launch of our newest project has begun! 'Beyond Explanation' is a collection of first-person encounters, directly from the pages of 'Phantoms & Monsters.' Now you have an opportunity to listen and watch some of the thousands of intriguing eyewitness and experiencer accounts that I have had the pleasure to offer the readers over the years.

This new channel is a collective effort by a talented team that aims to entertain and enlighten the viewer. We will cover a bevy of paranormal subjects: ex. spirit activity, unexplained phenomenon, cryptid encounters, UFO sightings, alien contact, etc. We plan to add multiple fresh content on a steady basis in order for all enthusiasts to find a genre to their individual liking.

Your comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. Please subscribe to 'Beyond Explanation' and click the notification 'bell' icon so that you are alerted to each update!

The 'Beyond Explanation' Facebook page is also available for more user remarks and opinions. The 'Beyond Explanation' website will soon be offering addition exclusive viewer content.

Thanks for your help and we hope you enjoy! Lon