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Thursday, May 27, 2021

'My Father's Otherworldly Encounter That's Too Horrifying To Disclose'

A woman recalls an alien encounter account, told to her by her father, that obviously affected him for life. It's a cryptic tale of the horror some experiencers suffer during these incidents.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"Between the two of my parents, I have always been closer with my father. He's warmer, more in tune with his emotions and has always shared similar interests and beliefs with me. Not to say that I don't appreciate and love my mother for her stoic pride and strength, despite her coldness.

Anyway, one day a few years ago I was driving with my dad in his truck swapping stories with him. Since he's my dad and he was there for most of my stories, it was mainly him telling me about stuff from his younger years. I'm a huge cryptid fan. Bigfoot, Mothman, Chupacabras... you name it. So naturally, I ask him if he's ever seen anything strange or had ever experience the paranormal. It started out light-hearted, talking about weird shadows he'd seen and the fact that he believes in ghosts and aliens (my mom doesn't). Once he mentioned aliens, I told him about the two encounters I had had. After I told him he seemed...off.

He was quiet for a minute and then said, "Don't tell your mom I talked to you about this... she thinks I'm lying and will get upset if she knew I told you." So of course I tuned in big time. He told me he looked dead into the eyes of something not from this earth/plane of existence.

One night, many years ago, he and his buddies were out driving in his old pickup. We're from the deep south, so he was just driving through endless woods and fields near his uncle's house. They were chatting and driving until they saw it. He said it all happened in a matter of minutes but felt like it was hours, like time felt drawn out and nonexistent. He slammed on the breaks. A giant, saucer-like machine was silently hovering just above them and directly in front of them on the road. Entirely still and motionless. He said that was one of the scariest parts, that a machine that huge and that intricate (covered in impossibly bright and vibrant lights, made of a material nearly incomprehensible in texture and shape) could make no noise at all. Around the entire craft in a band like shape, he could tell was some kind of one way mirror/window. He couldn't see into it, but he could feel in his bones and in his core that something was staring him right in his eyes. He was paralyzed from it. He felt entirely known. He didn't know HOW, but he knew in his gut that whatever was looking at him knew his entire past and everything about him. It knew his name and it had known him for a LONG time. He said it was like he was in an unwanted staring contest with God for what felt like hours. And then it flashed away over the tree line in a blink of an eye. Impossibly fast. He checked the clock, only a couple minutes went by.

He and his friends were HORRIFIED. They collected themselves and at full speed drove to his uncle's house to ask his aunt and uncle if they saw it. They did. And they were pale in the face and acting very off. And moments later, it appeared in the tree line by their house. It remained there still for a couple minutes, daunting and threatening. Like a warning to mind their business and that they will be watched. And then it was gone. Never seen again and he and his friends and family agreed to not speak of it again to each other, to help themselves sleep.

The worst was yet to come for him though, in a separate story that had nothing to do with UFO. He told me this one afterwards. He stopped himself and I had to coax him into telling me. I promised I wouldn't call him crazy. He had never even told my mother this story. This second story chills me to the bone and makes me afraid that my family is being followed by something we don't understand. I know it's true too, because my dad is extremely jovial and lighthearted and when he told me this story he looked like a scared little boy.

He teared up and looked visibly shaken. Mind you, I've never seen my dad scared or ever even cry before. But my dad made me promise I won't tell anyone this second story. I have to keep it until my grave. He's afraid that if I speak of it, it will makes cryptic things start happening around him and I again. I'm sorry for being such a tease with it, but I can't speak of it. I haven't even told my boyfriend of 2 years. Not a soul until I die. I only mention it so you know what my dad told me was true about what he saw out in the field by his uncle's house.

I can't help but wonder if my family is specifically being followed/watched by someone or something. It would make my personal experiences with the paranormal and unexplained make more sense. But I will never know for sure." CG

UPDATE: "My father had an encounter with an otherworldly being that was in a UFO-like machine. And for the rest of his life, experienced odd things. One of which, he has only ever told me and promised me not to tell anyone until I die because it was that intense and cosmically horrifying." CG

NOTE: The writer refuses to describe her father's 2nd experience in more detail. I can only hope that she eventually comes forward with the details. Many multiple experiencers will hold back and avoid disclosing particular encounters that they feel others will not believe or take seriously. Lon


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