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Monday, November 07, 2016

Hiding Behind Sunglasses

Neville, a 47 year old man from Australia, wrote in to tell of something bizarre he observed in a doctor's office:

“I'm from Perth, Western Australia and experienced something in or around July 2011 that may very well be similar to Raechel (speaking about Helen Littrell's book Raechels Eyes: The Strange But True Case of a Human-Alien Hybrid). I had been having a few medical issues and was waiting at my local Pathology Clinic for a Glucose Tolerance Test which takes around 2 hours for 3 separate samples.

I had arrived around 8.30 am and was 4th in line, so I began reading a magazine. My turn came and I gave my first blood sample then glucose concentrate to drink. The lady was surprised to see me skull the drink as most people find it rather unpleasant. Then I was told to wait in reception for an hour before they could take my next sample. During this time I observed a young lady walk up to the front door, look inside then walk away. She did this 3 times during that half hour I was there waiting for the next sample. On the forth she came in, didn't take a ticket but sat down anyway. This young lady was around 6 feet tall, very pale skin to the point it was almost white, was extremely thin but I wouldn't say anorexic and wore those same sunglasses like movie stars wear when trying to not be noticed. Something about her seemed rather different but I couldn't quite pick out what. Although her arms did seem longer than usual. At least the average hands worth of extra length. I had the distinct impression she may not be entirely human so just on the off chance, I thought to myself 'You're not from here are you?' while not being to obvious observing her.

At that moment she whipped her head around and looked directly at me then stood up and hurried out the door in a particularly awkward fashion. Much like a puppet on stage with its arms outstretched slightly in front. Quite a spectacle to observe and others outside looked and stared as well. At that point in time when she looked directly at me, the sun reflected from behind her off her sunglasses then directly toward her eyes, illuminating them. Those eyes were LARGE, I could not make out the color of the iris if there was one but those eye lids were around 45 millimetres wide and about the same in height. I saw no reflection off the eyes themselves.

When it came time for me to provide another sample I mentioned the situation to the woman conducting tests (I had known her for around 5 years at that point ) and was told 'I know who you are talking about and she need specialized blood treatment, but keep it to yourself' My father used to work for the same company doing biological transport as a courier. She knows my father. I've just had cause to go for another blood sample 7th January 2016 and will be having another GTT test this week. I hope to see that same young lady again.

All details I have provided here are true and accurate descriptions of events experienced at the time on that day. Anyway I thought that may be of interest to you.”

Source: JLB

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