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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: Unknown 'Creature'...Permanent Abduction -- Chicken-Clawed Being & the Little Man in Bright Colored Clothes

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa - April 18 2000 - 6:00 PM

The witness' mother and himself were driving to the local pharmacy when suddenly he saw a very bright light right next to the car; he tapped his mother on the shoulder to get her attention. The light was disc-shaped and stayed with the car for a few minutes until they decided to stop underneath a streetlight to look at it. The light suddenly shot away at incredible speed, one moment it was there....the next it was gone.

Around the same time two teenage boys had been walking in the street, possibly the previous night, when they spotted a strange "creature" (not described) following them. It seemed to walk on four legs and it moved very fast. Both boys ran with the creature closely behind them. They noticed that it seemed to shy away from the streetlights. Once they noticed this they stood still under a streetlight while the creature waited in the dark for a while, it then disappeared.

When the boys got home they told the parents what happened. The next morning one of the teenagers was reported missing from his home. A search was conducted but to this date his whereabouts remain unknown.

Source: NUFORC



Location/Date: El Verde, Puerto Rico - late October 1973 - 9 PM

Ana Dominguez and Jose Alemar accompanied by their daughter and others were visiting an area near where their youngest son Jose Jr. had mysteriously disappeared 3 months before. While Jose was in a nearby ranch house, Ana and her daughter stayed in the car, which was parked near the road waiting for his return.

Suddenly from the left side of the car, they both heard what they thought was Jose's voice, saying loud and clear; "Negra open the car door, I'm back." The voice repeated the same thing again, and suddenly the girl pointed at something outside the car. Ana Dominguez then saw a terrifying looking being standing outside the car, leaning on the windshield and looking in. The creature was described as tall, thin, with a huge egg shaped head, long pointy ears, and two huge black oval shaped eyes. The being was leaning on the windshield and had placed a "hand" on it. The hand was long and skinny, with three long thin fingers, somehow resembling those of a chicken claw. No other facial features could be seen, since it was dark outside.

Both witnesses now in a panic began screaming and pushing on the car horn. When Mr. Alemar and the rest arrived the strange being had disappeared. To this date, both mother and daughter are convinced that the voice they heard had been that of Jose Alemar, however they are not so sure if it was audible or telepathic.

Source: Evidencia OVNI



Location/Date: near Chester, California - September 1956 - 3:00 PM

Four people were bow and arrow hunting in the Wilson Lake area near Chester, CA; the party split into two groups. An off duty sheriff of Butte County, who was with his sister, noticed a small figure through the manzanita bush. His sister was about 150 yards away as he was sat in a clearing when he heard gravel rolling downs a slope behind him. He stood up and saw the figure about 70 feet away.

The being was about four-feet tall with very human looking facial features, and wore brightly colored clothes, consisting of green, tight fitting pants, a gold jacket over a tan pullover shirt, and low brown boots. Brown hair protruded slightly from under a red and gold cap. No buttons, zippers, or other fasteners were visible. It's general stature was entirely human and could have passed for a small boy except that it's features were those of a 35 or 40-year-old man. His hands appeared normal and he carried nothing.

After staring at one another for about a minute, the little figure whirled around and leaped up the gravel slope in 20-foot strides, until it cleared the top and disappeared. The man’s sister saw the figure only briefly and thought it was just another hunter. The man returned to the site later but could find no traces.

Sources: CUFOS & MUFON



Location/Date: Oroshaza, Hungary - January 26, 1991 - 1:15 am

Istvan Balogh, a frontier guard, was returning from the movies and had stepped out to the terrace when he saw a gray disc shaped object, 4 meters in height, and 2 meters in width. As he stared at the object, a bright beam of light struck him. He soon found himself aboard the disc. He was in a room with a window wrapped around the diameter. He was then approached by two human-like figures with 3 digit hands and green skin, wearing black uniforms. They communicated telepathically telling the witness they had come from a world at a distance of 15 million light years from earth and they were able to travel via dimensional portals. He remembers seeing an illuminated crater (apparently on the moon) and a pyramid. He was eventually returned home at 2:00 am.

On Feb. 13, 1991, he woke up in his bedroom to hear a loud booming voice that repeated 3 times "we will meet soon." The voice had a metallic quality to it. He told his story at the hospital fearing that the beings may have experimented on him. Later he was removed from his job as a frontier guard because he was deemed 'unreliable'.

Source: CUN Milan



Location/Date: Sydney, NSW, Australia - Winter 1970 - 9pm

A 15-year old boy noticed an orange glow at a nearby bush close to his home, he grabbed his dog and went to investigate. The dog became disturbed and immediately ran into the brush. The boy then became confused and had a period of apparent missing time. He remembered an owl fly past him, but lost interest in the orange light and left.

Years later, he went under hypnosis and recalled seeing a bright object hovering close to the ground and the bush was swaying as if a strong wind was hitting it. He became frightened and sensed something coming towards him. He felt claws grasping at him on both arms and was then taken aboard an strange craft. He struggled, but soon found himself lying on his back. He recalled seeing a face looking down on him and a slimy tube being stuck down his throat. He also recalled being submerged in a tub of pink fluid and being taken out by several 'squat' bluish beings.

Source: Keith Basterfield, IUR Vol. 17 #5

NOTE: the source later notes that reports of short squat bluish colored beings are apparently frequent and many times connected with abduction reports. The witness reported being submerged in a pink fluid. This has also been reported before and appears to be some kind of transportation medium for humans or maybe some kind of decontamination procedure.

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