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Monday, November 21, 2016

Dreadlocked Phantom

Chad in Atlanta, Georgia called into tell of his phantom hitchhiker experience:

“This is a story from 2005. I was living in San Francisco and I caught the surfing bug as soon as I moved out there. I would get up early and go surfing if the waves were up. So my friends Kirk, Jay and I ended up getting up around 6 AM. Left the city. Got some coffee. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Got onto Highway 1. And at Stinson Beach there's a three-way stop. We stopped there and there's normally no one around. We stopped and I saw the driver, Kirk, looking towards me, staring. I thought that was a little odd so I looked at what he was seeing and there's a woman standing right beside my door. And she's got dreadlocks, a big wool sweater and a patch-filled dress. She's just kinda standing there. I didn't see her before. And it's kinda rare for someone to be out in that area on Highway 1 near the wilderness on that time of day.

So Kirk told me to roll the window down, so I rolled it down. He said, Hey is everything okay. You need some help? And she said, I'm going to Bolinas - which is where we were going surfing. Just up the road. And I got a dentist appointment and I wanted to know if I could get a ride. So, of course, Kirk was like, Jump in the back. So she got into the car behind me and sat down. And my friend Jay in the back was sitting next to her. Well, as we're driving she starts telling some stories to us. She is talking about how dangerous a road this is. And that people shouldn't walk on it and lot of people have been killed on this road. And that kind of sparked my interest a little bit. I knew from the past and driving on this road it was kind of dangerous. The locals drove pretty fast and it was extremely curvy. It was next to the mountain and the ocean on Highway 1 up that way. So she continues and I notice Jay in the backseat is being extremely quiet. She starts talking about a woman who was pregnant, a girl, and she was killed on the stretch of road from Stinson beach to Bolinas. And that kind of stunned me. We weren't really saying much. She was just talking. It was very early in the morning, it was still dark. She's just kind of rambling on.

So we get to the location where she has the dentist appointment. Kirk knows that area. It's a huge gravel parking lot and the sun is just start to come up. You can see the fog all along the ground. Very low. We drop her off. She says thanks. We have to make a big circle to go back out onto the road. I look back and she is just gone. I mean, there is no one there. We get to the surf spot and start unloading and I notice Jay wasn't putting on his wetsuit or getting his surfboard ready or anything. I thought that was kind of odd because he was a newbie like myself and he was always stoked to go surfing. So we went out into the waves and he never came in which I thought was weird. We didn't talk much on the way home. They dropped me off and I got ready for work.

A couple days later Kirk says to me, Hey did Jason tell you about what he saw on that ride when we picked up that... in Bolinas, when we picked up that hitchhiker? I said, No, he didn't say anything to me. He said, You should ask him. So I asked him and he was kind of coy and very quiet about it. He didn't want to talk about it. He said that he had seen a ghost. I said, what do you mean? He said, That hitchhiker that we picked up was a ghost. I said, What do you mean? How could you tell she was a ghost? I doubted it because I've never seen a ghost before. I didn't get to see her much because she was sitting behind me. I knew Jason was a real guy. He had a lot of experiences and we had a lot of conversations about interesting things and I couldn't doubt him. He told me he could see through her and that she was never moving the entire time she was talking and her expression didn't change. At that point, I started to feel a little strange and I started to research on the internet about this so I looked up that area, accidents, people being hit. I was really just looking for physical evidence that somebody was hit on that road matching the description and I found one article that had a string of people that were hit on that road walking and one was a girl who was pregnant. She was killed and they insinuated that it might have been covered up by local law enforcement with the possibility of involvement. I told Jason and Kirk about it and when I tried to show them the article, which I bookmarked, it was a dead link. I couldn't find it again. I think she was showing me either that ghosts were real or she was implying that she wanted someone to know what really happened to her in her death.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy

NOTE: The ghost of a young woman who called herself Sunshine Lollypop haunts the corner of Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Taylor Drive. She died there tragically in 1970 when she rode her bicycle and was slammed against the wall by an ongoing vehicle. Sunshine Lollipop embraced the hippie culture and was seen many times while alive with a flower in her hair. She was seen many times when she was living at Winterland and Fillmore West. Sunshine Lollipop bragged about trying to hitchhike to Woodstock, but made it as far as Kansas and eventually turned back. Sunshine Lollipop is also seen around 8pm on Winter nights walking Stinson Beach where she frequented during her time on Earth.

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