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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: Reptilian Intimacy, Huge Red Eyes Looking Back & the Njuzu

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Houston, Texas - 1998 - late night

Pamela Stonebrook, the well-known jazz singer, whose first recorded abduction is dated 1994 (but she had earlier abductions, suppressed in her memory since her childhood) reported that she later had sexual contacts with a reptilian entity. The sex was very unlike any sex with any human man.

On that night she was sleeping when suddenly she awoke and found that she was having sex with someone beautiful “like a Greek God”. The man was tall, blond, light haired with a beautiful face. At first she thought that it was just a dream. But the sex was so furious that she closed her eyes and enjoyed the all-submerging feelings. When she again opened her eyes, she didn’t see the beautiful blond slender man but before her she instead saw a reptilian entity with scaly skin. At that moment she understood that the alien visitor was able to camouflage its appearance.

Afraid of the alien’s real appearance, she cowered back. But then she heard a telepathic message from her partner... “With me you are safe. We have been together forever, we love each other”. Maybe they had been together forever indeed but Pamela only remembered the encounters since 1998. Pamela described her reptilian lover as very sensitive and very intelligent, his body resembled that of the body of a snake, solid, but smooth, greenish or yellow-green in color. The eyes of the reptilian were larger than human eyes and she noticed different tints in the alien’s eyes---golden, red and brown. The alien’s eyes reminded her of a cat’s eyes, with vertical pupils, but very beautiful. His neck was massive and on the top of his head he had a crest and two openings and a small bulge for a nose.

Pamela finally was able to talk to her family and friends about her encounters and said, “Frankly speaking, I don’t care a rap if anyone would laugh at my story, because I myself would react the same way---before it happened to me.”

Source: "A Personal Experience; The True Story of a Jazz Singer and Her Extraterrestrial"



Location/Date: Charmwood, Zimbabwe - January 2000 - late evening

Marko Batau was walking from Chawarura Shopping Center and as he approached the Hunyani River, he saw what appeared to be a white woman basking in the sun and sitting on a rock, half immersed in a pool of water. The woman was naked and Marko was surprised at this. Then he noticed that what he initially thought to be her leg, drawn up on the rock, was actually a scaled fish tail. The woman did not notice him at first, until he deliberately made a noise while walking on the gravel to get closer, and in an instant she disappeared into the water.

A few days later, his curiosity aroused, Marko took the same route home. To his amazement, the woman was there, basking on the rock again. But not only that, this time there was laundry laid out on some stones to dry, with some draped over the bushes nearby. Unfortunately, in his astonishment and perhaps some fear, he did not see what type of washing it was, whether clothing or merely pieces of cloth. Again Marko drew nearer to get a closer view. Suddenly, the woman became aware of him and looked at him as though admonishing him. The next thing, she had disappeared in the water.

The following week, Marko deliberately took this rather isolated shortcut home. Immediately when he reached the pool on the river, he saw the same creature there. Only this time, she was holding a baby in her arms and giving it a bath. Still puzzled by what he was seeing, Marko tried to draw closer to verify what he was seeing, but the moment the woman heard his footsteps on the gravel, she and the baby disappeared into the water together.

Source: local reports / FATE Magazine

NOTE: this is not the only reported 'Njuzu' or 'water spirit' sighting on the Hunyani River. A young boy, from a Zimbabwe settler family, had a similar experience in the early 1900's. Johane Masowe, founder of the Gospel of God Church in Zimbabwe, maintained he had encountered one of the creatures as well. Njuzu are considered in native folklore to be excellent healers...Lon



Location/Date: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - January 2001 - daytime

Two peculiar strangers visited the witness, who had a previous visit after a UFO encounter. These two visitors were different from the others. They were at least six-feet tall, very bony, with head, hands and feet out of proportion to the rest of the body. They wore gray suits that seemed to be "oily", had black ties and hats plus wrap around sunglasses that they never took off. When questioned about the glasses they remarked that they could see perfectly well. Their ears stood out from their heads and their skin was pale white, whereas their fingernails were gray in color. They never removed the hats during their visit. Throughout the visit only one of them spoke. When asked for ID's they displayed "silver" cases that contained a photo, an unusual symbol, plus their names in small print.

Upon entering the kitchen they asked the witness to please unplug the microwave, they also told him to turn the computer off. The two Persian cats were going crazy dashing around the room and trying to get out of the window, which was closed. Each man carried a briefcase with an inverted L shaped handle. The man that did all the talking asked to see the witness' unusual watch. He then removed from his briefcase four small containers, each had a different colored top. Opening two, he proceeded to pour the contents over the watch. He told the concerned witness that no harm would come to the watch. He was given $250 for the watch and told that they would give him the rest later. He told them that he was moving soon, to this they replied "We know...don't worry, we can find you if we want to."

They soon departed without the common courtesies, staring blankly at the witness as he extended his hand. Once again the witness hurried to the bedroom window only to find, as before, no sign of either man departing, nor could any vehicle be heard leaving. After the visit the witness felt drained, had a severe headache that lasted for two days and a rash on his arms, face and chest.

Source: Graham Conway UFO BC



Location/Date: Northern Virginia - January 2001 - 3:00 am

Several family members living in a remote location heard strange screams or yells coming from the woods resembling that of a woman crying out in pain. Terrified, they called the police and went out to investigate. The police searched the area with high-powered lights but could not find anything. Some time later they heard the screams again and again the police were summoned and again nothing was found. Next time they decided not to call the police again.

Days later the dogs were heard barking in the backyard. A female witness points the flashlight out back and sees 2 huge red eyes looking back at her. She focuses the light on the eyes but can't make out the figure. She yelled out for additional family members but the eyes disappeared. She vaguely sees a dark figure run into the woods.

A couple of months later, the main witness was taking a stroll near the horse trailer when he saw a huge figure, with gray wiry fur and black patches. The terrified witness froze in place and fixed the flashlight on the creature, which moved behind the trailer and vanished. Day's later neighbors saw a similar creature in their backyard.

Source: VGHRS

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