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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Attack the 'Howlies!'

I received the following narrative several years ago:

I have debated some time on whether to submit this experience and I finally decided what the heck... In August of 2012 my wife and I took a long awaited trip to the big island, Hawaii. The trip there was uneventful. Left from Oklahoma City, stop in DFW, then LAX, and finally we arrived at Kona International Airport. We picked up our luggage, grabbed a rental and headed to the resort. Upon arrival we found the resort to be absolutely lovely, it was just as we pictured it. Check in went smoothly and we were walked up a small path to our condo. Two beds, two baths, a living room, a huge lanai, full kitchen and a two-person garden tub.

After unpacking I noted it was around 2pm. We were exhausted (as our flight left OKC the previous night). We decided to take a nap before starting our adventuring. My wife laid down in bed and I adjusted the AC. I walked into the bedroom from the hallway thermostat. Just as I stepped into the room I heard a noise from the living area, it sounded like somebody dropped a stack of magazines. I grudgingly walked into the living area to pick up a mess. I couldn't find anything askew. There were a stack of magazines on the small coffee table, but they were on the table not the floor. I looked for a minute then just shrugged it off. I laid down in bed.

I was almost asleep when I heard the bedroom door close. I figured my wife needed a drink, I turned over to see her lying in bed next to me. I immediately went into attack mode. It was 2:15pm I jumped stealth-fully out of bed and grabbed my pocket knife from the dresser. I was trained to use a knife a time ago, so I was confident I could stop an attacker unless they had a gun. I approached the door. It opened silently. I peered out ready to strike. Nothing. I systematically searched the condo. Nothing. I am a reasonable fellow, my is wife very reasonable herself. We decided the pressure from the AC switching on had closed the door.

I laid down again. Before my eyes the door began to close. It silently and gently shut until the mechanism was in contact with the door jam. I laughed to myself, thinking of how I over-reacted. The door violently slammed itself shut. I shot out of bed and promptly opened the door. I stood and watched it for 5 minutes, it didn't budge. I walked back to bed and sat down. The door rapidly closed slamming itself shut! I remember getting chills, my wife leaned in behind me and peered at the door. I stood and blurted out loud "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST BE GONE FROM HERE! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME GET OUT!" I immediately felt the room begin to warm. Things were normal once again. It was 2:23pm. My wife and I prayed for protection and finally slept peacefully.

We are both people of great faith, we knew whatever it was had been forced out. I believe that our faith was keeping it at bay. We were there 14 days. Nothing further occurred until the last day of the trip. It was around 10pm I was packing and watching TV. My wife was already asleep. I finished up packing and laid down. The television was kept concealed inside a large built-in wardrobe. The door in front of the television would open and lay flat against the wall. There was even a small latch that kept it in place. It had not moved the entire time we had been there. I watched it slowly close and shut and latch. I calmly got up and opened the door so I could finish my program. I stood back and the door began to rapidly close! I jumped forward caught the door and said "GET OUT." I pushed the door open latched it in place and laid down. I prayed again and went to sleep.

I had very violent and frightening dreams all night. I woke exhausted and found the wardrobe was still open as I left it. We loaded our car and left that place behind. I was glad to be on the plane homeward bound. I still break out in wild goose bumps and my hair stands on end each time I tell and relive this experience. My wife and I believe in the supernatural, but this was a first for us. I absolutely believe that which was in our condo was demonic in nature. It's whole purpose was to rock our faith, all it succeeded in doing was making it stronger.

On a side note I have been to Oahu many times BECAUSE my sister used to live there. I never experienced anything like this there. When I relived the experience for my sister she just sat there silently. She looked at her husband and they both said that they had similar experiences when they first moved to Oahu. They hadn't told anybody because they were afraid of ridicule. Native Hawaiians have long believed in spirits that would attack 'howlies' that were visiting the islands. Doug

NOTE: 'Howlies' is a corruption of the word Haole, Hawaiian slang for foreigner. Usually applied only to Caucasian people. Not necessarily derogatory, depends on context. I have heard similar stories from people who have traveled to Hawaii. In fact, an NFL player who was in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl several years ago related to me encounters that he and another player had with less-than-friendly spirits in their hotel suites. To make a long story short, they didn't get much sleep during their stay and vowed to never return to Hawaii. Maybe the vengeful native entities are get a little 'payback' for past atrocities...Lon

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