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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

'...it stared back at me'

Albert from California called in to tell of his strange red-eyed entity story:

“My name is Albert and I'm calling from California. My story is this. I'll try to make it short. Routinely in a previous house I was living in. It was a rented house. We had a separate garage of the house and I would operate a ham-shack out of the garage as well I had a work bench where I would put together printed circuit boards. I spent a lot of evening hours inside that shed and nothing unusual would happen except listening to you on the radio. One night I was working on a circuit board and I start hearing like a crunching sound on top of the garage roof. Like somebody with a heavy weight walking on top of the roof. And since I had set up a lot of antennas on top of the roof for different frequencies, it was either my antennas or somebody was up there to do something to them. So immediately I opened up... I had a mag-light, you know, one of these big flashlights, and I walked outside the back side of the garage and shined the light up on top of the roof. And what I saw, Art, was something so incredible that to this day I'm still freaked out over it. I can't understand what I saw. It basically comes in line with what you guys have been talking about. It was like a black figure. It was tall. This thing was tall. It was at least 6 and a half feet tall. It was totally black. It seemed like it was a figure of a person but not quite and, again, the same thing. It was almost like it had red... reddish eyes and it just stood there and stared back at me and I thought, God, this must be somebody wearing a disguise or something. Then I said to myself, I'm gonna catch this sucker because I'm not gonna allow him to be on top of my roof. It stood there for a moment...it was stunned and it was just staring back at me. Then it turned towards the left and walked towards the edge of the roof, hopped off of it. It's not an easy jump, you know, but it hopped off and I could hear it hit the ground. I went out towards the front of the garage and by the time I made it to the front, it was gone. Nowhere to be found. No footprints. Nothing at all. And I still can't explain what it was. It was something I've never experienced it before in my life. Just left me stunned.”

Source: Coast to Coast/Art Bell - Somewhere in Time - January 25, 2002

Transcribed by JLB

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