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Monday, November 21, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: Aliens / Shaggy Being, Dark Reptilians & Feathered Lizard Humanoid

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Kopanskoye, Province of Leningrad, Russia - February 13, 1989 - evening

Three drivers from the Leningrad auto park, Yuriy Vasilievich M, Sergey Yurevich T, and Alexander Viktorovich G. had gone driving on a fishing trip at a location about 130km from Leningrad, 40 km from the town of Sosnovyi Bor where a nuclear plant is located. Suddenly G saw a UFO flying overhead, all of them then noticed a strange white object in the sky, 3-4 times larger than the biggest star. The object seemed to be moving in their direction when it suddenly made a sharp jump to the left, or to east, and continued flying. After looking at the object for about 15 minutes the witness lost interest and ignored it.

Some time later after having dinner and setting up camp M. went into the woods to look for firewood. It was already dark and as he walked about 40 to 50 meters along the shore of the lake and about 8-10m into the woods, he suddenly noticed a landed flat disc-shaped object about 30-40 meters from him. The object was “beautiful” round shaped, with windows around it's broadest section, and made out of a dark material. Soft light emanated from the windows. M. began studying the object and noticed neither hatches nor doors on it; its surface was absolutely smooth, though some indentations were visible. M. felt no fear and stared at the object without moving for about 15-20 seconds. He thought of calling his two friends, but thought better of it not wanting to frighten them.

When M. looked to the left of the object he noticed a moving figure like a shadow, walking towards the back of the object. Then he noticed a second figure on the right side of the craft he also noticed a third figure standing between the first and the second one. He thought that they were leaving and became somewhat concerned but not scared. He thought maybe that he could catch one of the “aliens” and put it in his car, but then discarded the idea. The aliens moved slowly making no sounds (the craft was also soundless).

When one of the aliens was about 10 meters from the witness, he yelled at them making friendly advances and pointing out that he meant no harm. The figures approached in silence. Two of them finally came very close to him. The aliens were generally human looking but not completely. Their mouths were tightly closed, no lips were visible, with a proportional head, with no visible hair, and their imperious faces expressed severe concentration. The aliens were dressed in tight-fitting gray-colored outfits. A third alien stood aside. The witness then saw a flash, like a photo flash. Next the witness felt pressure in his head and heard a voice in his brain. The voice was unpleasant, raspy, and metallic in quality, it said, “What are you doing here” He answered that he had come on a fishing expedition with his friends. “Would you like to come with us?” Said the voice next. He thought about it, and was tempted but then the voice said, “You will not return. We need to know what your inner structure is” The witness then declined the offer and shook his head. Then the alien voice said threatening and imperiously, “If you start a nuclear war we will destroy you” (humanity?). The witness then said (hopefully) that humans would not start a nuclear war. At this point the witness heard a loud buzzing sound, resembling a high voltage wire.

Moments later the witness was terrified to see a huge shaggy humanoid figure about 3-4 meters in height, its head resembling that of an ape. It stood above the witness, a little higher than the trees. He then remembered seeing the alien figures moved suddenly away from him, disappearing behind the trees. He didn’t noticed how they entered their ship, but the object slowly and silently ascended, and before leaving it emitted a bright flash of light the illuminated the area around it. When the craft rose up to about 4 meters it suddenly disappeared. Apparently the huge hairy humanoid (Bigfoot type) also left with the aliens.

Source: K. Wolf, PhD, Independent Ufological Newsletter



Location/Date: Near French Pyrenees - 1972 - late night

The witness was staying in his country house near the French Pyrenees. Night had fallen after a day of rain, when he heard outside a kind of "splashing" sound. He went to his front steps and could see nothing; uneasy about the noise, he moved out further into the darkness and noticed a luminous red sphere of 3 or 4 meters in diameter few dozen meters away in an adjacent field. He suddenly "felt a presence" nearby and turning, he saw in the semi-darkness 3 or 4 beings that terrified him. They were dressed in very dark one-piece jump suits, were small in stature and of horrible countenance, with bald plates and full beards.

In this few seconds of this confrontation, the little beings stood motionless, staring at the witness, while he felt "transfixed" by their gaze. Thoroughly frightened, the witness turned on his heel and rushed back to his house, where he seized and loaded his rifle.

Returning to the same spot, he now saw the little beings moving quickly toward the red sphere at the other end of the field. He put his gun to his shoulder with the intention of firing at them but suddenly found that he was unable to move and could not pull the trigger. The beings entered the object, which then took off silently and at great speed. When it had vanished the witness recovered his movement and went back indoors, greatly agitated. He found himself sleepless for several nights, and subsequently experienced various degrees of psycho-physiological problems for which he needed treatment.

Source: Eric Zurcher, Alain Gamard and the witness



Location/Date: Bobadilla Air Base, Malaga, Spain - 1976 - night

While guarding an ammunition depot near a freight train a military guard observed a strange figure about 1.20 meters in height, black in color that was moving over the train tracks in a very quick and agile manner. Two guards approached the figure and pointed their rifles at it and it suddenly turned around and stared at the two men with two large bright red glowing eyes, it jumped up into the darkness and disappeared. Other soldiers at the base had seen a similar figure around the same time and strange objects over the area had also been reported.

One night, in the same base a soldier was given the task to guard a metallic cage, which contained a weird reptilian creature that emitted strange, grunting sounds. One night while standing duty a dark helicopter landed and three military personnel exited the craft, these proceeded to pick up the cage with the humanoid and left immediately. The guard described the humanoid as resembling a “reptilian penguin” with strong jaws and claws. It was about 40 cm in height. The guard observed that the helicopter lacked any identifiable markings on it.

Source: Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista & Rafael Cabello Herrero



Location/Date: Tocopilla, Chile - May 30, 2000 - 2:00am

Local residents living next to the Tocopilla hills were suddenly awaken by strange loud noises. At first they thought it was a person climbing the hill, but after observing it in greater detail, they realized that, whatever they were seeing, not only was not human; it was something they have never seen before. It was a creature that was climbing the hill very rapidly despite the seventy to eighty degrees steep.

They described the being as very agile and fast, making reptilian like movements like a small lizard. The creature appeared to be much bigger than a condor, brown in color, with bright red eyes and what appeared to be feathers throughout its body. It emitted loud quack like noises that were heard every night for a couple of weeks, causing dogs to bark and howl at night.

Source: Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

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