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Monday, November 14, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: Sudden 'Fairy,' Featureless Faces & the Creepy Stranger

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location: Lake Erie, New York - June 22, 2010 - 8:00 pm

Last week while out at my summer cottage near Lake Erie in Western New York State, I was walking my dog out at about 8:00 p.m. The sun was just beginning to go down behind the trees, casting a beautiful fractured light on the front of the house. In the distance could be heard the sound of my neighbors ATV driving around the undeveloped wetlands adjacent to my property.

Suddenly my dog began acting erratically, pulling on the leash to go back inside and turning his head toward the sky, looking this way and that. I spoke to him asking what was wrong and looked around to see what was disturbing him, other than the noise in the woods. That is when I saw a peculiar winged creature flying from out of the woods across the front of the house.

The creature’s wings were about three inches across. The wings were transparent and rounded at the ends. If you formed a “c” with your thumb and forefinger and then touched your thumb nails together, you would have a rough estimation of the shape of the rear wings of the creature. The wings were not fluttering like a butterfly or vibrating like a dragonfly, which are two common insects in my yard. The creature was gliding, with perhaps a slight vibration.

I only saw the creature for the length of time it took to fly to the end of the house. Once it got beyond the house into the open area of the front yard, it disappeared. My eyes were on it the whole time.

I was not able to see any of its body, just the back wings from below as described above. By the shape of the wings I assumed it was a four winged creature. My thought after the being disappeared was, “That must be what people see when they say they have seen a fairy.”

I felt elated seeing this creature. It was nothing I had ever seen before.

Source: MUFON



Location/Date: Lausanne, Switzerland - 1989 - night

The witness was alone in the apartment and suddenly woke up terrified, her heart beating loudly. Two figures then came in through the closed door. The figures appeared to be wearing wide beige raincoats, made of some sort of cloth, also wearing hats made of the same material and color. The beings seemed to be faceless, with ovoid heads without ears, their faces showing darker shades where the eyes and the mouth would normally be. Their mouths were thin and horizontal. They had oval shaped, expressionless eyes in a vertical location, both wide and hollow. The beings were slim and very tall. The witness somehow knew that the closest one was a “male” and the one following right after was a “female.” That’s all she is able to remember of the incident.

Source: GREPI

NOTE: there was a similar account reported from Zug, Switzerland around the same time period. The only reference I have is a note of the encounter that I made after hearing of it. The date was of reference was July 7, 1989 and the humanoids were described wearing 'tan colored slickers' and having 'odd featureless faces'...Lon



Location/Date: Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota - July 2003 - evening

Kim Courteau and her sister were attending a monthly MUFON meeting. At the meeting they noticed a woman there whom Kim (a regular attendee) had not seen before. She was different. Her features were severe and noticeably pronounced, especially from a side view of her face. They could not help but notice that her face was large in size and elongated slightly with a rounded head and ending in a very pointy chin. Another striking feature of her appearance was her over-sized sunglasses, which she kept on during the entire meeting, even when the room was darkened to watch a video, the dark sunglasses never came off and covered half of her face.

Kim and her sister kept stealing glances at her whenever they felt she was not looking, but somehow the woman would always be looking at them before they would even think of looking in her direction. She said nothing the entire meeting. Her hair was big and feathered. Her lips were quite thin. She seemed to be much more interested in scanning the room and the other attendees than anything else. She gave the witnesses the creeps. After the meeting was over the witnesses lost track of the stranger and asked the other participants, but incredibly no one else had noticed the peculiar woman.

Source: Kim Courteau (witness)



Location/Date: Anaheim, California - 1965 - daytime

A family was vacationing in Disneyland and was in one of the small shops ogling the stuff and deciding whether to buy anything. The wife heard someone say “hello.” She ignored it. “Hello,” again. And again. She straightened up and looked around: no one except her family, the clerk and a customer being checked out. The voice again: “I am speaking to you.” She stood back and whirled around. There was a person who hadn’t been there before, very strong facial features, and large pointed ears. She was being contacted telepathically, and was frightened.

The man was very tall, and knew that he was scaring her. He told her not to be afraid, that he was “Velusian” and he was there on vacation. Her husband was still blissfully unaware of his wife’s state, and was bending over looking in the display cases. “By this time I was terrified because I had never encountered anything like this before and I am trying to get my husband up, you know, to try to what am I doing, am I losing my mind? By this time I got him, he’s going “What’s wrong?” and I said, “This man here” and by the time I got him up this man had vanished. Out the door, vanished. Or just vanished.

Source: Michael D. Swords 'Grassroots UFOs'

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

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