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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Idaho 'Bud-weis-er' Bigfoot -- Minerva Wildman and It's Pets -- Maine's Lake Monster

Idaho 'Bud-weis-er' Bigfoot

Jared in Utah called in to tell of his weird Bigfoot encounter:

“This happened to me about 20 years ago when I was living up in Idaho. A bunch of friends and I went up to an old ski run outside of town and decided to play flashlight tag. We decided the boundaries were, ended down at the bottom which went up to a bowl where the two streams crossed. That's as high as we could go. Well, we all took off and most of the kids went down into the middle, into the trees and me and a few other friends went up to the top where I said we couldn't go any further than that. And we were up there making noises, doing the Budweiser Frogs and we saw the kid who had been chosen to come find everybody and he started running up through the middle and the other two guys I was with they went down the left one and I went down the right one by myself. And I got about halfway down because I saw the kid coming back towards me so I stopped and for some reason I turned and I looked back up to where we were sitting doing the Budweiser Frogs and there was something standing there. I kinda just brushed it off. I kept going and I got down to the bottom of the hill and I turned to look and it was standing where I had just been standing. I started back towards where everybody was at. I got about halfway there and I turned around and it was standing where I had just been standing up the hill. And then all the kids started coming over looking for me and I saw it take off running and it went back up into the woods. I thought that was kinda curious. I didn't feel scared or anything. I didn't know if it was curious and just wanted to find out what was going on or...”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - November 20, 2016

JLB - Beyond Creepy


Minerva Wildman and It's Pets

Near Minerva, Ohio - August 21, 1978 - 10:30 pm: Evelyn Clayton's family and friends were out on the front porch when they heard noises coming from the direction of an old chicken coop just to the right of the house. They then saw two pairs of yellow color that seemed to be reflecting a porch light. Scott Patterson went to his car and turned the headlights on in hopes of getting a better look. Now they could see that the eyes were on what appeared to be two "cougar type" felines. Then the group saw what looked like a large bipedal hairy creature step in front of the large cats as if to protect them. This creature then proceeded to lurch towards the Patterson's car.

The witnesses fled to the house and called the sheriff's office. While waiting for the deputies, the bipedal creature appeared at the kitchen window. Patterson then pointed a 22-caliber pistol at it, while Evelyn Clayton loaded a .22 caliber rifle. The creature stood outside the window for close to ten minutes. They decided they would not shoot it unless the creature made any advances toward them. It suddenly left without harming anyone. A strong stench resembling 'ammonia sulfur" remained in the area long after the creature was gone. - Source: Ron Schaffner & Witness


Large Floating Humanoid

During the night of April 15-16, 1973 more than a dozen witnesses reported observations of UFOs in the localized area of Penn and Manor, Pennsylvania, near the larger town of Jeanette. Among these was the report of a single witness who was driving near the Manor Power plant when he observed a large glowing object above nearby railroad tracks, just above the trees. Light from the object illuminated the immediate area, and the witness pulled over to the side of the road and got out for a better look.

The object, no more than a hundred yards from the witness, was about 400 yards to the west of the power plant and approximately 10 feet above the treetops. The illumination was of an intense white, and the object itself completely illuminated but apparently solid in construction and about "3 car lengths" wide. It had a dome like structure on top the same bright color as the rest of the object. Around the main section were 2 or 3 rows of lights, or square windows, of a somewhat multi-color-one whitish, another red and the third a blue or green hue. More interesting than the object was "something" that appeared outside it, similar to the Apollo astronauts that were photographed "walking in space." From the left side of the UFO a line extended some 30 yards at the end of which floated a form of some 8 or ten feet tall, of a purple or orange color. The witness did not say it was specifically human form, but it did appear to be similar to a human torso. He did not see the attendant object retracted into the UFO; rather it disappeared like "a string of lights." He had left his lights on and engine running when he got out; 3-4 minutes, the headlights dimmed as low as a weak flashlight.

When the object departed, the lights came back on as bright as before. The object made a high-pitched sound "like a spinning top" when it departed. "You could hear the trees blowing" as it went over them. - HUMCAT & UFODNA


Maine's Lake Monster

With all of the water and tree cover in Maine, it would be no surprise that an animal went undiscovered. Cryptids, animals that have not had their existence proven or disproven, have been sighted all over Maine. One such cryptid comes from a small lake in Washington County.

Pocomoonshine Lake is a four square mile lake in parts of Princeton and Alexander. It’s the alleged home of an alleged sea monster that is 4 feet wide and 30 to 60 feet long. The legend behind the monster stems from Native American conflict in the area. According to MysteriousUniverse.org, a source reliable enough for myths:

The Algonquin Indians of Maine have seen a monster in Pocomoonshine Lake for centuries. Legend has it the monster is a result of a disagreement between an Algonquin shaman, and a chef of the Micmac. The Micmac chief turned into an enormous serpent, which the shaman vanquished and tied to a tree next to the lake. Read more at Maine’s lake monster you’ve never heard of



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