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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: Reptilian Residue, 'What's a Pizza?' and Strangers in the Night

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Vyborg, Russia - Summer 1999 - during daylight

32-year old Mariya was found barely alive, naked and injured on a highway outside of St. Petersburg. She was taken to a hospital where it was found that she had numerous cuts, bruises and other injuries. After initial investigation local militia came to the conclusion that she had been raped. There was a strange detail present; the lower part of her body was covered in an unknown substance resembling mucus or frogspawn.

When she regained conscious she reported that she had been staying with some friends at a country cottage when one day she decided to take a motorboat into the bay of Finland. She wanted to look at an island, which had the ruins of a former Finnish glass plant abandoned in 1939. Suddenly a dense cloud covered the sky, she looked up and saw a huge disc-shaped craft. She felt paralyzed with fear and unable to move. As the huge flying saucer hovered over her she lost consciousness. She does not recall how long she had been unconscious but she woke up feeling a terribly cold and fearful. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on a metallic table, completely naked. She was not tied and was able to move but soon noticed a bizarre creature leaning over her. The creature was lizard-like, with huge eyes. She saw many shiny instruments around her and 3 or 4 lights shone over her. Suddenly she felt the creature climb over her, touching her. She felt like screaming but her throat did not obey her. She felt everything but soon lost consciousness again. She regained consciousness in a hospital 200 kilometers away from where she had originally been. Her boat was found on an island. The mucus or mucilage like substance proved difficult to wash away from her body.

Source: 'Undeclared Visit' Nr # 2, 2000 and militia / hospital staff witnesses



Location/Date: Southern Illinois - May 2, 2003 - 3:30 am

Three young women returning from a bonfire and party in the countryside and had just finished returning some of the equipment and chairs to a shed. As they got back into the van one of the girls saw a figure standing a little off the driveway by the house. She motioned the others to look at it and becoming afraid headed back into town.

They described the figure as man-like, light colored or wearing white clothing. Soon they headed over to the bonfire, which was still burning. Suddenly in the glow of the headlights they all saw what appeared to be two separate rows of creatures or figures. Maybe 15 to each row and about approximately 3 to 4 ft tall and standing only about 15 ft from them, directly in front of the car. One of the witnesses described them as having 'Christmas light' heads and that the heads were connected to the body but she couldn't see how. Their arms were up, but she couldn't see hands. She says they were stick-like, dark gray or brown in color. They did not move and stood perfectly still. They appeared to be frozen in two separate rows. Two of the girls began to cry and screamed for the driver to leave the area immediately. Terrified they drove away from the area and drove around for about 2 hours before having the courage to return back to their homes.

Source: NUFORC



Location/Date: New Town, Edinburgh, Scotland - 1990 - late evening

A man named Brian Wilson was working the late shift one night at a local pizza parlor when a pair of "rather small" adults, who had a somewhat "lopsided" look about them, approached the counter, raised their right hands, and announced; "Hi, we're Americans!"

"What would you like?" Brian asked them.

They countered, "What do you make?"

"Pizzas" replied Brian.

"What are pizzas?" inquired the supposed Americans.

The couple watched Brian intently as he prepared two cheese and tomato pizzas. All the while, the male "kept looking around the shop like he'd never been in a pizza parlor before". Then the female pointed to a bowl of green peppers and asked what they were.

By now, Brian's colleague Doug had also noticed that there was something rather odd about the pair, and the two chefs exchanged glances of disbelief as Brian carefully explained what a pepper was.

"Do they taste nice?" wondered the female.

As the pair waited in silence for their pizzas (complete with green peppers) to cook, other customers came in and out of the shop as usual. Once their order was ready, the extraordinary Americans settled their bill. Each took a single bite out of their pizza then threw the remainder into the bin outside the shop.

Brian entertained a suspicion that his visitors may have literally been from another planet "I had read stories on the subject of aliens masquerading as human beings," he told investigators. "These two individuals came across as acting as humans, but not doing a very good job of it!"

Source: UFO Scotland



Location/Date: near Flagstaff, Arizona - May 1994 - late night

A couple was camping in an isolated pine forest. During the very chilly night they built a campfire, but for some unknown reason the fire kept failing. The woman felt uneasy and scared for no apparent reason. As the temperature dropped they sat in the car.

Shortly thereafter the woman noticed a bright star like object above the tree line. The light moved from side to side and up and down. After about 20 minutes they looked to the west and saw five more similar lights above the tree line. These appeared to be balls of light that danced around very quickly. As they watched, the original light descended down behind the tree line. While observing the lights a multi-colored craft came out of the distant northwest sky. It flew at incredible speed and quickly out of sight. Increasingly scared both prayed. Soon the lights from the sky were gone, but an oblong bright white light illuminated the forest floor.

Both then took a shotgun and a pistol and settled in the tent. Soon they heard what seemed to be persons walking outside. They sat and listened to what sounded like six to ten people walking around in every direction with an occasional tap or prod to the tent. After an hour, a sound came over the tent while simultaneously the ground under the tent floor moved like waves of energy. The woman then looked up through the screened roof and saw a bright ball of white blue light in the sky, just above the tree line. From this light came a large white colored beam of light shining into the tent.

The number of "persons" or creatures outside the tent increased, sounding like 30 to 40 in number. Occasionally they heard a sound like whipping wind, along with what sounded like a yipping barking noise that gave them the creeps. At one point a pulsating orange white blue light glowed right next to the tent on the forest floor. It grew larger in size then just disappeared. At daybreak both left the tent and found strange footprints in the dirt and handprints on the dust of the car. The footprints "were toed cloven hoofs" and larger three toed feet. The four-fingered handprints had a skeletal, very long thin look. Frightened they left the area. Their families did not believe their story and they were told that they were "possessed".

Source: witness statements

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