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Friday, November 11, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: A Beautiful Extraterrestrial, While Walking to Work & the Alien 'Sombrero'

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Honolulu, Hawaii - Spring 1968 - 5:00 am

Robert D. Miles, who was living aboard a forty seven foot trimaran, was docked at Honolulu’s Alawi Yacht Harbor. On that early morning he had gotten up early and made some coffee and was lying on his bunk worrying about current events in his life. Suddenly he experienced a dazzling array of shimmering light followed by an intense tingling of energy, which filled the entire stateroom and engulfed him. His entire body began to vibrate as a beautiful woman materialized in the walkway right next to his bed. His first reaction was believing that he was dreaming or hallucinating. But the woman spoke to him and took his hand. In a matter of moments he came to understand that the woman was real and much more alive than him. The energy aura that she emanated made his entire being vibrate at a level that could only be described as ecstasy. He asked, “Why have you come to visit me?” She replied, “Myself and others like me are friends, and we want you to come to a very important briefing.” Moments after agreeing to go with her, an unparalleled series of events occurred.

First he was teleported to New York City. He then boarded a saucer-like spacecraft and was transported to an extraterrestrial location for the briefing. The extraterrestrials orchestrated the briefing to give him and about fifty other guests a glimpse of Earth’s history. They also showed them a dramatic and vivid view of humankind’s potential destiny. After the briefing, he was asked to undertake a mission. He agreed to publish a story about his experience and to place an ad in a major newspaper, saying simply, if you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work, come sail with us.

Upon returning to the sailboat he realized that only 33 minutes had passed. However from his personal perspective, it seemed like many unhurried hours had been spent with these incredible beings. To this day he remains convinced that the series of events were real and not a dream or delusion.

Source: Safe Space Project



Location/Date: Frederick Maryland - Summer 1973 - 2:00 am

Richard Kilburn was returning home along a remote road when he suddenly experienced a memory lapse. He only had fragmentary memories of an event. Under hypnosis he recalled seeing two lights descend from the sky and land nearby, his vehicle suddenly veered off the road and stopped. He got out of the vehicle and heard a sound, he then saw four or five humanoids coming over a nearby fence and approach him. The beings were very short and thin, hairless with large heads shaped like inverted teardrops, large black walnut shaped eyes, small noses, slit mouths, no ears and white putty like skin. They had long tube like fingers and wore black tight fitting suits and gloves and were clumsy when they moved.

One that seemed to be the leader gave directions by gestures while another being began digging a hole. The witness was seized by a clamp like device and taken to a luminous white egg shaped craft sitting on a platform of girders and making a humming sound. He was escorted up a tube like ramp into the object and entered a luminous white domed room and next found himself on a table wearing only a diaper like cloth. A device came down from the ceiling and a needle like device ran along his back. He was then given an extensive physical examination by several of the beings, with different devices.

He later lost consciousness and found himself driving home in his vehicle.

Source: UFO Abductions: The Measure of A Mystery



Location/Date: Birmingham, UK - March 30 1988 - 5:25 am

Two women (mother & daughter) were walking to work at a local mill and had taken a shortcut down some nearby alleys when they suddenly heard a distant humming sound, unusual for that time of day. Suddenly a light shone down on them from above. They both stopped to see a light over them getting larger and larger as it approached. They both became dizzy and disoriented. Their next recollection was arriving late for work and still very dizzy.

Later under hypnosis one of the women remembered moving towards a light and then finding themselves in a white room surrounded by windows and lying naked on a table with a cloth over her legs. The other woman was in a table next to her. Several short thin humanoids now appeared, with tiny ears, huge black eyes and have three very long fingers, and they are not wearing any clothing and have white skin.

At one point the little humanoids inserted a long glass tube into the witness navel. They also pull her hair. Later they place a cup shaped device on her head. She is then taken to a wall where a large screen appears. One of the short humanoids pushes some buttons and various geometric symbols appear on the screen, later scenes of war and destruction appear.

At this point the witness notices other beings in the room. These are described as very tall, and human like with long blond hair, blue eyes and wearing a silver suit with a blue "badge" on the left side of the chest area. The badge is a circle with a triangle next to it and two zigzag lines next to the triangle. Her next memory is of finding herself back in the alley along with her daughter who looked dazed. Her daughter also recalled a similar scenario under hypnosis and also remembered seeing her mother standing next to a tall beautiful blond woman in a silver suit and blue badge.

Source: Quest UFO Magazine



Location/Date: Kadima, Israel - March 20, 1993 - 6:30 am

Ziporet Carmel woke up earlier than usual and went to her kitchen. As she got there she noticed that the room was bathed in a strange light. She went to check the grounds and as she walked around the storage shed she noticed what appeared to be a large fruit silo on a nearby field. As she took a closer look she noticed that the silo-like object was silver colored and square in shape. It had what appeared to be 18 glowing square windows along its side. Five huge beams of a powerful light shone from its top into the sky.

Suddenly what appeared to be a second section of the object materialized doubling in size. Then a seven-foot tall man-like figure appeared near the object. The dogs reacted in a violent manner upon seeing the figure. The figure wore a metallic overall and what appeared to be a sombrero-like headgear with a veil that covered his face completely. The figure and the witness then stared at each other for about 30 seconds. Ziporet then quietly whispered "Why don't you take off your hat so I can see your face." She then heard a clear voice inside her head that spoke in Hebrew telling her that, "That's how things were." The witness then felt compelled to go back to her kitchen. Later during a search of the field numerous ground traces of an unknown smelly substance, that made people sick with nausea, was also found.

Source: UFO Universe

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