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Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: MIB?, Aliens in the Wardrobe & the Four-Eyed Hairy Monsters

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Boynton Canyon, Arizona - May 1987 - afternoon

Christa Tilton and her friend Barbara had gone walking up a mountain and were resting under the shade of a tree when soon they heard a car engine on the road below. Turning to look, they saw the weirdest black car they had ever seen. It was an old fashioned limo that was 'so shiny they could see their reflection on it." Everything about it was black. Suddenly the rear door opened and a man, dressed in all black, peered out and rotated very mechanically as if her were a robot, gesturing to Christa that she should follow.

Screaming to her friend that had kept walking up the hillside, Christa jumped into her car and pursued the limo. It headed off toward what seemed to be a military compound with a guard at the gate. By the time Christa arrived there, the black car had vanished and the guard denied he had seen such a vehicle. Feeling rather scared, Christa drove off back toward her friend, only to find the black limo blocking her path ahead.

From this angle it was possible to see inside the car. There were two men, both in black and wearing sunglasses. Rolling down the window on her car, she heard the man say to her "The time is all wrong," before mumbling something about the local topography in words she did not fully understand. Christa then followed the strange limo and attempted to take a picture but her camera malfunctioned. The limo was soon lost from sight.

Source: Jenny Randles: 'The Truth Behind The Men in Black'


Aliens in the Wardrobe

Location/Date: Sydney, Australia - January 1994 - late night

The witness was laying in bed when he felt a presence in the room & heard some shuffling noises at the foot of the bed. Then he felt a sharp pain, like a pin being stuck in his toes. When felt hands around his feet, he looked up and saw five small figures looking at him from the foot of the bed. The beings had apparently come out of the wardrobe which now looked like the inside of a large hangar which went back into the wall a considerable distance.

One of the figures then proceeded to stick a long needle like implement into one of his toes. He then noticed three more figures come out of the wardrobe stand at the foot of the bed and proceed to stick something into his leg. He was then able to move again. He lifted his leg and stared directly at the beings. They were about 3-4 feet tall, with long arms, small heads, dark grayish in appearance with lizard like scaly skin that was the same grayish color throughout the body. One seemed to be the leader as it ordered the other ones around. At one point as one of the beings grabbed his ankles he noticed that it had three long thin fingers. Soon the beings walked back into the hangar-like wardrobe and disappeared inside, the wardrobe-hangar then disappeared into a cloud of vapor.

Source: NUFORC


The Four-Eyed Hairy Monsters

Location/Date: Poggio Umbricchio, Italy - July 28, 1999 - 6:30 am

Two teenage brothers, Giacomo and Alfio, were collecting mushrooms in a pine grove near their home when a loud rustling sound attracted their attention to some nearby trees. They stood looking at the spot where the noise had originated from and waited in total silence for about 15 minutes. Suddenly they heard loud grunting sounds coming from the brush.

Curious, both boys walked toward the brush to see what was making the strange sounds. Suddenly out of the brush stepped out a bizarre creature covered in dark black hair, about 1.50 meters in height, with an oblong shaped face with four eyes, two on top and two closer to a snout-like nose. It had normal hairless ears and what appeared to be five clawed legs. The creature stared at the boys with a malevolent gaze full of hate. As both watched in horror four other similar creatures walked out of the woods. Both witnesses fled the area in a panic. Later they debated whether to notify local authorities, but they decided against it.

Source: CUN Bologna

NOTE: Gianfranco Degli Esposito of CUN Bologna left a footnote stating that both boys gave credible anecdotal evidence and where genuinely fearful when they returned to the site with Esposito. The investigator notes that a similar report was filed in 1951 with police in a nearby jurisdiction. This was 35 years before the boys were born.


Madame Pele, Goddess of Fire

Location/Date: Between Kailua-Kona & Keauhou, Oahu, Hawaii - July 2 1975 - 11:50 pm

Two men, Neil and John, were bar hopping from one hotel to the next on Alii Drive when as they drove around a bend and saw a "maiden" with long black hair, dressed in a black and red "mu'umu'u" (native dress) walking in front of their car. No street lights existed in that remote area. The woman appeared to be walking in the middle of the road, away from vehicle, with her back in view. But her feet nowhere in sight. It was if she was floating gracefully just above the road.

Neal felt the hair on the back of his neck start to rise, so he slowly, carefully drove around her and passed her. John, unaware of the legend of Madame Pele, wanted to stop to pick her up. Neal warned him not to stop and not to even look at her. They drove away from the area. Three nights later on, July 5 1975, the Mauna Loa volcano erupted, after approximately 25 years of rest.

Source: Rick Carroll: 'Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales'

NOTE: I figured a ghostly 'humanoid' account was OK. Anyway, the following is a brief account of the Legend of Madame Pele:

The legend states that Pele's father sent her away from Tahiti because she had a hot temper. It seems she was always fighting with her older sister (Na-mako-o-Kaha'i), who was the Goddess of the Sea. Pele left Tahiti in a canoe and went to Hawaii where she made many fiery volcanoes.

However, every time she made a volcano, her sister (who had followed her) flooded the fire and put it out. Finally, they had a very big fight and Pele was torn apart by her sister. Then, Pele's spirit was free and she became a goddess. It is said that Pele's spirit lives in the Kilauea volcano (one of the most active volcanoes on earth). Pele is still known for her violent temper.

It is said that she comes to us in many forms. You could see her in the form of a beautiful young woman, flowing crimson dress with the blackest of hair. Others say to have seen her as an old woman. Many encounters with Pele have been seeing her hitchhiking on the side of a road, asking for cigarettes, seeing who respects her requests and who does not. Others mention seeing her figure accompanied by a white dog. This is said to be a sign of warning, a sign that an eruption isn’t far behind!

Another myth about Madame is to never take a piece of her land for a souvenir. Bad luck is said to follow you from the moment that you leave with it! Although the myth is said to be a story make up years ago, hundred of rocks are sent back to the islands every year with a note pleading to please put the rocks or sand back on the island.

“…the staff at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park doesn’t want another story written about lava rocks. They say that each article generates even more returns of lava rocks to the park. Norrie Judd, one of the park’s rangers, receives about five packages a day from visitors wanting to return something they took from the island. A majority of the items sent back are lava rocks, but sand, coral, figurines, and jewelry made out of lava are also common.

“People sent them back for a reason. They have very sad stories,” she says ”Their house was broken into, they broke their leg, somebody died. Then they hear about this curse of taking things off the island and they send it back with their humble apology in hopes that the curse is broken.”

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

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