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Friday, November 25, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: The Slug, Monsters on the Road and Mexican Mothman?

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:


Location/Date: Dalekoye, Crimea, Ukraine - November 18, 1998 - daytime

Four boys from the local “elementary” school, Eldar Islamov, Anton Kireichev, Server Devlyatov, and Alyesha Alyabyev had gone out of the school building to use the toilet. On their way there they heard a strange guttural sound coming from behind them, and looking back they saw a strange humanoid entity climbing over the fence. The entity was approximately 1.7m in height.

The boys froze in terror as the entity began approaching them. The alien had a large head, not in proportion to its body, two huge red eyes and a square flat body. Its long arms touched the ground and ended in three clawed black fingers. The legs of the entity were black and straight. The rest of its body was semi-transparent, smoke in color. The boys noticed neither hair, nor mouth, ears nor nose. The boys named the entity “the slug”. The alien approached one of the boys and put its hand on his shoulder. The boy felt neither heaviness nor pain and tried to push it away. The boys noticed that the entity had some type of device with a button attached to its elbow. The alien then pressed the button with its clawed finger and immediately the alien was “sucked” through the wall of the school building. Only the entity’s red eyes could still be seen on the wall. The boy’s skin turned red on the place where the entity had touched him, but he felt no pain or burning sensation.

Soon it disappeared and the screaming boys rushed to their classroom. The teacher was unable to calm them and one of the boys stuttered uncontrollably. They feared going to the toilet alone after the incident. A number of UFO observations were reported around the area in 1998.

Source: Galina Neiman, “Krymskaya Pravda”, Anton Anfalov



Location / Date: Near Naugatuck, Connecticut - January 3, 2004 - 10:30 pm

The witness was driving on State Road 68-west and up a lonely hill when his headlights caught sight of a strange creature running into the woods. He stopped his car and looked at the creature, which resembled a walking tree and two shades of brown. It's head had a beak like a bird with many protruding teeth and a strange crest-like protrusion on top of its head. Terrified the witness quickly drove home.

The following week, while driving on the same hill, the witness saw another strange creature, thin in color and glowing green. The head was like a lizard and on its back it carried something resembling a backpack, which had a transparent canister filled with the glowing green liquid. The creature briefly walked towards the witness up an embankment but stopped and disappeared into the woods...as it did, the strange creature appeared to turn transparent.

Soon after that the witness was driving up the same hill when his windshield went dark. Something was on the hood obstructing his sight. It was a creature with many white square teeth. He also saw the creature's feet, which appeared sinewy and gray in color. The creature then jumped from the hood and started walking alongside the road. It had extremely long arms that seemed to drag them on the ground. The creature stopped and began to gesture with its long arms. At this point the witness noticed a similar creature sitting on the ground staring at the witness. The eyes of the creatures were black the size of a grapefruit and both had large pointy ears. The witness thought that another creature was coming up behind him and looked back when suddenly the area was illuminated by a strong white light. He drove on for about 50 ft and then looked back and again saw the bizarre bird-like creature standing on the road looking at him. It was six ft. tall with square patches of red and yellow on it. The witness eventually drove away without looking back.

Source: NUFORC



Location / Date: Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico - January 2003 - various reports and times

Delfino Garcia Zarate was at his post as security guard at the Technical Secondary School #98 Mariano Escobedo and was making the rounds in the patio area when he heard a strong sound resembling a bird moving its wings at a very high rate of speed. Curious he looked up in the direction from which the sound originated and was able to see a hairy man-like figure with two huge dark wings. Terrified he ran into the school and hid in one of the schoolrooms until the morning. Around the same time a woman living in the Unidad Puerta Grande suburb was out in her back patio washing some dishes when she also heard a loud thrashing sound overhead. At first she thought it could had been an eagle and looked up but was surprised to see a hairy man-like figure floating overhead on a pair of huge wings. Terrified she also ran into the house. Also around the same time in Cocolapam suburb a man and his son were repairing the TV antenna on their roof when they noticed a winged creature, gray and hairy in appearance that was approaching their location from a northerly direction. The winged humanoid glided on a pair of huge wings and quickly disappeared from sight. Another woman reported being awake around 3 am and taking a shower when she looked out the bathroom window in the direction of nearby Cerro De Escamela and was surprised to see a huge winged dark creature resembling some type of prehistoric being gliding slowly over the area. Others in nearby Cerro del Borrego have seen a similar winged creature.

Source: El Durmiente de Orizaba, El Hombre Alado



Location/Date: Uniontown, Pennsylvania - August 3, 2000 - 10:00 pm

Five witnesses observed what they described as an alien "glide" across a field. The witnesses described the being as about 5 feet tall with long slender extremities. It carried a brown "staff" about 5 feet long. It was observed for about a minute from a distance of about 250 feet. No apparent disturbances to the area around the being were reported. The creature appeared to glide about 6 inches above the ground, according to the witnesses. Weather conditions were cool and clear with no wind. No sounds were reported and witnesses commented on it seeming abnormally quiet at the time. Crickets and other normal background noises were absent.

The witnesses lost sight of the being when they drove a short distance up the road to an area which they thought would offer a better view, only about 75 to 100 ft from where the being was seen. A small knoll obstructed their view as they drove. When they got to the closer location, the being was gone. The witnesses returned home after the encounter. They reported no serious effects from their sighting, although three of them did claim to be very tired the next day.

Source: Stan Gordon, PASU, J. Brown

Humanoid Encounters Series - Albert S. Rosales

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