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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Car Impacts UFO on Pennsylvania Turnpike

Jay in Akron, Ohio called in to tell of his bizarre UFO encounter:

“This happened in the summer of '99. I was driving home from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I was on interstate 76 heading west bound. It was about 3 o'clock in the morning. I was visiting friends and I was just getting home and, at night on the freeway, there's hardly any cars. Maybe a couple rigs driving by and I come around the corner. I was doing probably about 70 miles per hour. I was in my car. I drive a Nissan. And I was coming around the corner and there was a rig off the side of the road. He was just sitting there and when I drove by him he blew his horn, which I thought was kind of strange, you know, BURR! BURR! And he made the sound (caller is mocking truck horn sounds). So I looked around. I thought this is weird, I wonder what he's doing. Then I looked ahead and all of a sudden there's no road. I just saw the black outline of it. It looked just like the thing... the guy that saw the UFO in, I think it was Washington, an alien attacked him. (Art Bell says he believes he's talking about the Dr. Reed case). Yeah, it was shaped like that. It was shaped like the obelisk. (Art asks if the trucker was trying to warn him) I don't know. I have no idea why he was sitting there. The way he blew his horn, it made me turn around and look at him. I was like, what the hell is going on? Then I looked and I saw it. It was floating in the middle of the highway. Just floating right there in the middle of the highway.

My headlights hit it and it was weird, like the light didn't really reflect off of it. It just kind of like absorbed it almost. Like it wasn't even made of metal. My car came right underneath it and when it did the top half of my windshield hit it. I spun out on the road and I landed in the median and when I looked around, it was gone. The truck was still there. The truck was sitting and I saw its headlights and everything. You know, I got stuck and I tried to back out and I couldn't do it. I had to get out of my car and he just left. He started to roll away, went right on past me and kept on going and I was sitting there in the middle of the road, like what the hell.

I looked in my windshield and the only damage to my car was the windshield was cracked. So about ten minutes later, a car came down the road and I waved him over. I told him I ran off the road. I didn't tell him about the UFO or anything I hit. He helped me get my car out of there. The only other damage to my car I had, I had a ripped metal shield. Like a heat shield off the top of my exhaust pipe. That was the only other damage to my car besides my windshield. Hovering right in the middle of the road and I hit it at about 70 miles per hour. I don't even know if I damaged it or whatever. All I remember was this big PLUNK and I ducked my head. Next thing you know, I'm off in the ditch. I turned around. I couldn't really see much. I just saw the truck off in the distance, you know, I didn't think it was gone. I got out of my car. I'm standing there looking at him and he just drives away.”

Source: Coast to Coast/Art Bell - Somewhere in Time - January 25, 2002

Transcribed by JLB

NOTE: it's too bad the witness didn't give a specific location on the PA Turnpike. Lon

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