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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Humanoid Encounters: The Doubled-Footed Being -- Subterranean Blue-Skinned Humanoids & the Naked Couple

The following reports are from Albert Rosales' Humanoid Encounters Series and other sources:

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Location/Date: Knox, Indiana - November 8 1988 - 11:00 PM

The 12-year old witness had gotten up to get a drink of water when a flash of multicolored light attracted his attention to the yard. He turned the lights on and walked over to the large picture window in the living room. Looking out he saw a large diamond-shaped object resting on the lawn. It had flashing multi-colored lights around its edge and appeared to be made out of a copper like metal. An escalator like device now appeared from the object's left rear edge and slid down to the ground. A small humanoid now appeared and walked down the escalator and disappeared behind the object.

Moments later the being re-appeared and began walking towards the house. The humanoid was described as a bit over 5-foot tall with normal arms with what appeared to be claws and strange "double feet." The being wore a belt and a buckle and appeared to have some type of symbols across its chest. It had a large nose, large square mouth, and huge dark brown eyes. The skin was lizard like green with scales and wrinkled.

The witness became frightened as the being approached, suddenly the neighbor's dog began barking, and the being stopped turned its head around and looked directly at the witness. The next thing the witness remembered was seeing the object lift off silently and disappear into the sky. Ground traces were reportedly found the next day.

Source: MUFON Journal #262



Location/Date: Dalby Forest, Yorkshire, UK - May 2001 - mid-afternoon

On a beautiful sunny day John Peterson, his wife Jean, and their two children, Peter 9-years old and Laura 7 years old were picnicking in an isolated area among the trees. As they prepared the table with food and drinks the children were busy playing nearby, John and his wife became aware of two figures approaching them from across the field. As the figures got closer they saw a man and woman who both appeared to be naked.

John and Jean were furious and John, unable to contain himself, shouted to them to cover themselves up in the presence of the children. The two figures did not acknowledge the man shouting at them and did not alter their pace, but walked past the front of the two angry parents about 30 ft away.

At this time John and Jean realized that the two figures were not normal people; they looked strange and almost transparent. John shouted to his wife, "I must get a picture of this" and ran to the nearby car where he hurriedly grabbed his camera. He ran back just in time to see the two figures walk into the open side of a derelict barn. John ran into the barn, camera in hand, but was startled to find that there was no sign of the couple, but to his amazement he saw a perfect picture of them etched onto the wall of the barn.

He immediately took some photographs and then the family hastily left the area because his wife and children were terrified. Strange occurrences have been reported in the forest before, including animal mutilations.

Source: local authorities

NOTE: A British friend, who works in the Forestry Service, referred this story to me a few years ago. He stated that there were several reports of unknown creatures roaming the North Yorkshire Moors and the Dalby Forest. As well, the area has a deep mythical history.



Location/Date: Blowing Cave, Arkansas - 1966 - late afternoon

Several spelunkers, among them George D. Wight, were exploring the cave when they spotted a light at the end of the tunnel. As they approached it, Wight noticed a narrow crevice, just big enough for him to squeeze inside it where he found artificial steps.

He called to the others and they climbed through the opening. The tunnel expanded and they suddenly came into a large corridor, 20 by 20. The walls and the floors were smooth and the ceiling had a curved dome shape. Soon they encountered blue skinned but otherwise human-like individuals. The strangers communicated with the witnesses, telling them that they had instruments that could measure people's emotions. They learned that the tunnels went on for miles.

They were led to underground cities populated by entities that included serpent-like creatures and large hairy bipeds. Using an elevator-like device, they were taken to a glass like city.

Soon after this incident, Wight apparently returned to the cave and was never seen again.

Source: witness Richard Toronto



Location/Date: Calama, Chile - March 16 2002 - 10:00 PM

A woman was watching television alone in her bedroom when she began hearing noises coming from outside. At first she thought it was her dogs playing around with some empty cans, but the noises kept getting louder and she decided to go outside to investigate. Once outside she was stunned to see some an unknown upright creature that had somehow entered the rabbit cage and was attacking the animals that were making loud terrible screams. Thinking at first that it was one of the dogs she approached the case but soon realized that it was a gray-colored hairy and hunched over creature, moving furiously quickly inside the cage. She stepped back and could not understand how the creature had entered the cage, since there wasn't any apparent hole or aperture visible anywhere and the door was securely closed.

She frantically ran inside her home and called for her son. Both then ran out but the creature had mysteriously disappeared. Unnerved, they could not understand how the creature had escaped since the door to the rabbit cage was still securely locked.

After careful examination, they could only find a small round hole in the wire only several centimeters in width, not large enough for a creature estimated to have been about 70 to 80 cm in height. Several of the rabbits were found injured and one was dead.

Source: Calama UFO Center

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