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Monday, February 01, 2021

'Creepy Female' Photographed at Heaton Park Lake, Manchester, UK

A creepy female observed at Heaton Park Lake in Manchester, UK. As the witnesses moved closer she opened her mouth, which was black inside...as well as having black eyes.

Heaton Park in Manchester, UK. July 2019 - 12:15 to 1 PM:

"I was on a rowing boat with my niece and son. My 15 year old son saw her on the other side of the lake straight away and said, 'Mum, I don't like her.' I told him not to be silly.

20 mins later I got freaked because she'd not moved a muscle. So I rowed over to her, I was horrified. Her mouth was wide open and black as were her eyes! We sat in the boat for ten mins completely mesmerized. She did not move one single inch. She had an old nurse's dress with no shoes. The kids started to get upset and scared. My son hung his head over the boat saying she made him feel sick. I tried to calm them by saying it's a statue and someone's idea of a prank.

I started to row away not taking our eyes off her. As I rowed around a small island in the lake she lifted her arm in some strange wave. I was fuming! The kids were screaming. I rowed around the island to get back to her ASAP. I threw my phone at my son to take pics. She had by then resumed her creepy pose. As I got closer she dropped to the ground and started scratching at the ground. She then stood back up and walked a metre or so along the embankment and then she was gone.

I have 15 pics of what I have just described. I sent them to Heaton Park management, but they had no explanation. Isn't it said if you see someone with black eyes it's a sign of doom. 2 really bad things happened to me in the months following and then 6 months later a worldwide pandemic! Hope I never see her again." D

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