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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Alien Encounter Experiencer Describes Their Ordeal & the Aftermath

An alien encounter experiencer describes their ordeal in stark detail, and later adding more thoughts as to what occurred and how their life progressed afterwards.

The following is an ongoing narrative in which the experiencer details their encounters:

"I do not remember what happened prior. All I remember was waking up “mid abduction.” Imagine that you wake up from sleeping after a night of drinking: you don’t remember where you were before, you just see where you are now. That’s exactly how it happened. I “woke up” standing in my own hallway in my trailer home. I was overwhelmed with the emotion of “fear” but I did not know why or what was happening. My body was mostly paralyzed and frozen in place while I was standing. I looked at my feet and then my hands and I noticed that my hands were on the side of a door in my hallway, with my fingers clutched to the side of the door (as if I was being pulled from behind).

I turned my head around slowly, and I saw this being who was my height, maybe just a few inches taller than me. I was 10 years old at the time. He had a huge head that looked like a praying mantis’s head. He had two humongous eyes. I couldn’t see a mouth or nose or anything like that that I remember. It didn’t have ears. Just a huge white head and huge eyes. It was wearing a black cloak (not tight fitting). And it had his hands outstretched like it was trying to grab me. it had 3 fingers on each hand (possibly four, but definitely not five). The fingers seemed weird and it moved very little. As soon as I locked eyes with this being, it felt like someone punched me. As soon as my eyes locked with it, I became MORE paralyzed and I began to forget what was happening. I looked away as fast as I could and then never looked back for about an hour.

After I turned my back to it (it was standing in between me and my room), I was standing between it and the kitchen. We were both standing in a very narrow hallway in my trailer home. My fingers were clutched against the railing of a door that we called the “middle room” of our home.

I could feel myself being pulled back by what felt like a strong magnetic force. Like being pushed back by wind. I could fight it. It wasn’t a lost cause. I could struggle. As soon as I stopped looking at the being, my memory slowly started to come back. I thought “where am I?” And “why am I here?” I was full of fear and I looked down at my feet. I could tell that I was trying to run away from this thing. Looking into its eyes was so mesmerizing that it made me forget if it was a good guy or a bad guy. It felt indescribable. Later on in my life I would go on to try LSD, and the very peak of that experience is the best analogous experience I can use to describe what it felt like.

I forgot if it was a good or bad guy. And then I began hearing thoughts in my head saying “come this way.” I considered going to the being. I didn’t know if I was running away from it or if I was running to it. That’s how quick and intense I forgot everything in that second.

I looked at my legs though and could tell that I was trying to run away. I could feel my body filled with overwhelming fear. And then it slowly occurred to me...if I’m afraid and running away, this must be bad? This must be a bad person.

And then I had this overwhelming gut-wrenching feeling that this was NOT the first time I saw this thing. I had a feeling that I had seen this being several times before in “trips” that it made me forget. It was weird. A catch-22 philosophical experiment. I felt like I had agreed to this experiment. It was weird. Like, we had had this discussion before. That it could talk to me and I could go on trips with him, but only if I agreed to have my memory wiped every time. But these were not good experiences. I was so filled with terror that I knew this had to be bad.

I thought maybe it was a dream. I tried so hard to wake up. I wanted desperately to wake up. It was at that moment that I realized that I had “fallen asleep” inside of the middle room and not my bedroom that day. I thought, “maybe if I can pull myself back into the middle room, I can find my body lying there and I can ‘jump’ back into my body and kind of like, wake up.”

I struggled for more than 30 minutes. My fingers were aching and my legs were hurting. It did not feel like sand and I did not have weakness. I had my full strength and was struggling the entire time there. I was slowly finally able to pull myself maybe 6 inches closer and was able to pull my body into the door frame. To my shock, my body was not lying there.

I wanted to desperately to “wake up.” I tried so hard to wake up. I kept pulling myself forward down the hallway and grabbed the side of my kitchen’s refrigerator (it is at the end of the hallway going into the kitchen). I grabbed it desperately and kept pulling forward. After a short while I became overwhelmed with fear.

I began screaming at the thing behind me. I didn’t look at its eyes. But I screamed at it. I begged it. I pleaded and cried and screamed and begged for my life. I was a slobbering mess and begged it to please stop torturing me. My fear and pain slowly turned to anger. I began disparaging the being. I said “why are you doing this to me?!” I demanded that it leave me alone. I said things like “what gives you the right to do this to people?!” I asked if it thought I was some kind of animal or that I didn’t have emotions and free will. Those are not all the exact words. I spoke in a combination of screamed words and thoughts. But it was mostly thoughts that was experienced. It only spoke back to me in thoughts.

As I waited there, He stood emotionless and didn’t say anything for a very long time.

I didn’t know if it was trying to save me or if it was trying to hurt me. I still don’t. After maybe an hour more of struggling, I pulled myself into the kitchen and could see the front door wide open in front of me. I don’t remember if I saw people outside or not. I can’t remember exactly anything beyond this. It was at that moment that I surrendered my body. I gave up. And I hoped to not remember any pain.

The next thing I know, I woke up in the bed in the middle room. I remember waking up FIRST, and then only after several seconds passed did I open my eyes. I pretended that I didn’t remember anything. I walked slowly out of the room and said out loud “what a weird dream.”

I went to the windows and looked outside and couldn’t find anyone or anything nearby. I stared at the sun coming through the blinds for a long time and could almost “feel” the being still in the hallway there.

I slowly went back to bed and pretended nothing happened. When I woke up again, I just kept on like nothing happened." HE


"This is the encounter that I can remember to the best of my ability. However, there were several paranormal events that took place in the weeks leading up to this event that I will discuss in-depth in the comments.

1). They include hallucinating conversations with two “aliens” that discussed with me in-depth the mechanisms of the universe and how the world works / what happens when you die.

2). In a second conversation, I hallucinated being told by an “alien” to get up in the middle of the night and write strange patterns on the walls in sharpie. They included an “M” with a very large protruding loop where the middle line is supposed to be. I knew not to write on the walls much less in sharpie, but I was convinced by these hallucinated thoughts that this was necessary and important to do. At the time when this happened, I thought that these were “angels” that were talking to me and I largely believed they were coming from my own subconscious and not outside of me. It was not until years after the “abduction” that I learned about “aliens” and later began to believe that what I encountered was an “alien” or “extra dimensional” encounter of some kind.

I have never experienced anything like this since.

I have never experienced “hallucinating voices” nor do I have any family history of such events. I am of sound mind and body. I do not currently suffer from any mental illness nor do I have any family history of mental illness. In the events that followed after this encounter, I began going to middle school and was extremely intellectually talented. I joined the gifted and talented program, performed well in school, later became valedictorian of my high school, and I was accepted to an Ivy League university that will remain unnamed to ensure my anonymity (first in my family to go to college).

I encourage your skepticism and do not wish to create any divisiveness or incite anger. I think this is a grandiose claim that is difficult to believe without evidence. I understand if you don’t believe me, because I barely believe me. These events have stuck with me for so many years,. Thank you for understanding. I am happy to answer any questions as honestly as I can and provide anonymized proof of what I can, when and where possible to corroborate any claims and given further evidence of these events." HE

NOTE: This was part of an interesting thread that I have been watching for the past 5 months. Despite the experiencer's age, it is one of the more descriptive alien encounter narratives that I have read. Lon

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