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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Alien Abduction Memories Recalled By Queens, NY Experiencer


A Queens, NY woman describes her encounters and abductions by a variety of alien beings. At one point, her regular physician was involved with one of the abductions.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I am a 64 yr. old professional woman of color who has had visitations since I was a teen. I know what happened to me and only want to discuss my events for research purposes.

The first incident listed happened at night in 1986. It is still a vivid memory of waking up on an examination table with several aliens of different heights around me under a bright light. At first I didn't feel afraid even though I knew I was not at home and believed I was on a craft. I thought I had been there several times before. They spoke to each other and myself through thought. The next thing I remember, I was still on/near the table but I felt very sad and was crying. I don't know why.

When I woke up in the morning and went to work, I felt uneasy and nervous which, is not my nature. I was casually discussing the incident with a co-worker to further calm myself down when another employee who had come in starting listening to what I was saying. Suddenly, she became very excited and said that she was there also and saw me on the exam table. It freaked us all out and we stopped talking about it. I was a deputy-director at this agency and I remember the name of the co-worker who also saw me.

Somehow, I believe this next incident is connected to the first one described. I lived in Queens, NY and had several visitation memories from that location as an adult. The one I will discuss happened around 1993. I woke up in the morning and there was a stillness in the room that had me feel uneasy. I had two dogs at the time and neither one was in the room with me which was strange. I stepped off the bed and everything that had happened to me the night before came back in a rush and extremely detailed.

I woke up to see very alien-like people entering my bedroom. I was not afraid at first because the first person who entered the room was my general doctor who I saw on a regular basis. The second he appeared to come in, he stepped to the side and there were several aliens who also entered. I immediately became scared and the next thing I remember was being pushed up against the wall in my room and one of them was trying to exam/look for something through my private area. My doctor seemed to be gone as I was calling out for him but the other aliens were talking calmly and telepathically to each other. They were about 4/5 of them in the room and by their voices, some were female. They all seemed to be some type of medical staff and wore white type clothes. The ones off to the side were about 6ft, very slender and almost angelic looking with minor interest in me. The one examining me was short, very rough, wearing a hooded type cloak, about 4 1/2 foot. I kept trying to see his face but he was trying to hide himself from me, but he appeared the most non-human looking.

I'm sure that there have been other incidents, but they all seem to blend together. As I get older, I hope that these encounters stop." - Name withheld

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