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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Hyena-Like Canine Encountered at Oregon Coast Campground

A Oregon woman and her friend are at a campground in a forested area near the coast. She encountered a hyena-like canine later during the night.

I recently found the following account:

"It was 2015 and I had gone camping with three friends. This was like the 3rd time camping ever, and we were at a pay-to-stay campground along the Oregon coast in a heavily forested area. We even were staying in a tiny cabin by a big lake, so it wasn’t out in the wild.

Now, back then, I used to get panic attacks sometimes for no reason. For some reason despite my immense love for nature, ever since my first camping trip, I would often get a panic attack when camping. I don't know why. Well, that night I had one, and it was pretty severe to the point where I’d feel like I couldn’t breathe if I stayed in the cabin, but I would get scared if I stayed outside. So I had a lot of back and forth and my poor friends put up with me.

At one point I had stepped outside with one of them (my SO at the time) and was trying to calm down, and also wondering where to relieve myself. My SO had a flashlight and was leading me to a spot in the dirt at the edge of the trees between our two parked cars. He reasoned it was a good distance from the cabin and yet not in the middle of the woods where some critter could catch me with my pants down. So I agreed.

That’s when I saw it. I can still remember. I stepped past the first car and looked between the cars toward the edge of the woods. Between the candles at the cabin and the flashlight (nearby but not directly upon the spot where I saw this) I saw something. A creature.

It was so strange because it was silent. The creature had the general body shape of a dog, but its colors and features were more like a hyena. Kind of grey and dark splotches. It stood perfectly still peeking out behind the front of the car so I only saw its torso and head and front legs.

The thing I’ll never get over is its face. It looked like it was frozen in time with its jaw wide open and revealing sharp bright teeth. Its eyes were looking right at me. The eyes were “glowing” probably reflecting the light. But its nose wasn’t wrinkled like a snarl, and there was no growling, no sound. It was the oddest thing. And it sent an instant, deep ball of dread down into my core. After I froze for a long moment, I grabbed my SOs arm and urgently whispered for him to go back to the cabin and pulled him back.

We got in the cabin. The other two friends were asleep. My SO didn’t see it at all I don’t think. I’ll ask him. I couldn’t sleep that night. With my panic and now that sight I eventually went and slept in the car. Somehow that felt safer.

It wasn’t particularly large but it was so silent and so still almost like it wasn’t breathing. But it was real and it was there. And somehow I knew there was something horribly wrong about it." SF

NOTE: The witness included these 2 images that she thought were similar:

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