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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Are 'Aliens' Actually Time Traveling Humans?

Ever since I posted The 'Greys' Are Our Descendants...Evolved From Humans I received a lot of response from readers and others who have similar beliefs. The following information was forwarded to me:

"I don't want to argue about the actual existence of the beings in UFOs, but this narrative is for those who accept that aliens are inside UFOs from another planet. I'd like to suggest that the aliens are actually evolved humans who are in time machines (UFOs). I learned of this theory from Dr. Michael Masters.

It's based on the following premises: UFO sightings are real and an advanced species is real, because thousands of people have reported seeing them.

The theory is that creatures on other planets would not evolve into bi-pedal primates. Human evolution is specific to earth's history, and bipedalism (and how our consciousnesses evolved to create tools and create language) is awfully rare and dependent on a bunch of factors in earth's history. This is natural selection 101. Just ask a professor about the odds of a human-like species evolving somewhere else. Add the fact that both civilizations need to have a similar technologically progression, speak the same language, and be relatively close to each other in the universe to connect.

Greys are usually described as being bald, short, thin, with small lips, big eyes, and speak your language with mental telepathy. That sounds much closer to a human from the future than a being from another planet. An alien, if it is even a carbon based entity close to our size, would have adapted based on its own planet's gravity, atmosphere, tree of life, and environmental challenges.

As far as motives go, just as researches study and observe creatures or tribes, time travelers do the same to us - they are future anthropologists, historians, and even tourists. They want to learn about us.

Dr. Masters uses the 4-D block spacetime model of the universe, which has closed time loops, i.e. there are no parallel universes/alternate timelines. Someone from the future was already destined to go back into time and "make history" - there is not another timeline. Spacetime has coordinates where the past, present, and future events have already happened.

For example, when you read a history book, you can't change the events in the book. Well, in the year 3000, right NOW in spacetime, a student is reading about the primitive days of 2021. We are already dead, but are also alive. Thus is the nature of spacetime.

In other words, if Roswell Incident was about a crashed time machine, the U.S. may have used the tech to reverse engineer and help future generations build a time machine. There is not an "original timeline" - the events always existed and created each other. There is no free will, since everything already happened.

Many contactees or abductees describe other species besides Greys, such as Nordic or even standard humans dressed in regular clothes. These could be time travelers from a different age. Do not limit your thinking that time travelers just come from one epoch.

One reason why UFOs are non-threatening is that they are controlled by evolved humans - so would be a paradox for them to destroy us, just like you could not kill your grandfather before he made your parent.

Anyway, there are more details, but my point is just run through this scenario in your head for every UFO report or alien encounter case you read. Ask yourself is it more likely the beings are future humans or aliens from another planet?" Name withheld

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