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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Unknown Raging Creature Terrifies Family in Fayette, Maine Cabin

A witness recalls a scary incident that occurred in 1982 while he and his family were vacationing in a cabin in Fayette, Maine. An unknown creature was raging outside the cabin one night.

The following account was posted a while back on social media. I'm interested in your thoughts:

"I grew up in New Jersey. My parents owned a small lakeside cabin in Fayette, Maine. Fayette is very rural, the camp was somewhat isolated. The road we were on didn't even have a name other than FR18 (Fire Road 18) and was unpaved. The camp was about 50 feet from the lake, built into a hill. There was no basement, it was built on stilts. The lake facing side had a deck, and was approximately 15 feet off the ground. It was about 2 feet off the ground at the other end.

Every year we would go there on vacation for a few weeks in the summer. My story is for the year 1982. It was August and I was 6 years old. We were staying for three weeks that year, and it was very hot that summer. It was cooler than NJ but still damned hot. The incident in question occurred after we had been there for about a week.

For some quick background, my father had severe sleep apnea at the time and had not yet had corrective surgery so he snored VERY loudly. When we were at home in New Jersey you could hear him snoring from my parents room 3 flights up. Because of this, I could sleep through anything short of a nuclear blast. Also, I would sleepwalk occasionally. It never happened at home, only at the camp. Sometimes I would wake up outside. I also would have recurring nightmares that I didn't really understand, but now I think they were about a cult. The cabin was small, consisting of one bedroom that my parents slept in, another room that was the kitchen/living room/my bedroom, and a small half bath. My "room" was a double bed with a curtain around it.

The day this happened was beautiful and sunny. We spent the day on the lake and I was exhausted when we got home. We had some friends over for dinner and I went to bed almost immediately after. Several hours later I was awoken by the cabin shaking violently and a high pitched rage filled squealing. I could hear my mother in the other room asking my father just what in the hell was going on. My dad had no idea. They debated on going out to look, but my mother pointed out that we had no idea what we were dealing with and had no weapons. I was paralyzed with fear, cowering on my bed. I didn't move. My parents remained quiet. After a few minutes the squeals turned to grunts and growls, and the shaking stopped. I could hear a light scratching coming from the floorboards under my bed. Where my bed was the floorboards were at least 8 feet off the ground. We heard a thumping on the stairs out back and my heart started to pound. I was terrified. The back door was flimsy and I was afraid it would come up the stairs. Thankfully it didn't. I heard some cracking of twigs and rustling of leaves as whatever it was lumbered off into the woods. I ran into my parents room. I ended up falling asleep in their bed.

In the morning we went out to look under the cabin and underneath where my parents slept there were several long deep scratches in the wood. The floorboards were made from thick hemlock. My mother surmised that my father's snoring had either attracted or enraged some animal.

So, in short, there was a growling, grunting, squealing, long clawed animal that had at least an 8 foot reach. I did not have any realized encounters with this unknown creature again. I would hear odd noises at night, but don't have the kind of cojones it would take to investigate. Any thoughts?" JG

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