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Friday, February 05, 2021

Upright 'Crocodile People' Encountered at First Nations Reservation in Canada

A First Nations member recalls a bizarre encounter that his family had with 2 'crocodile people' while staying at their grandparent's home on a reservation in Canada.

The following account was recently offered on social media:

"I'm a First Nations person (Cree) from a reservation in Canada. I grew up in different reserves with different family members. We all have a common factor if something of another being is bugging you, then someone is inviting it. We believe this is negative outlets.

This happened when I was seven years old, my sister and I were visiting at our nohkom and nimosom's house. The adults decided to go to bingo and they got the eldest cousin there to babysit everyone. His name was Cory who was 16. My grandparents home has few trees around their home that they planted and outside of that is straight field to the next mile (they farmed). We were outside all day there. My cousin Cory was sitting on the patio as we were all jumping on the trampoline and he was watching us. I went inside and when I went back out I jumped up on the edge of the patio to jump off onto the trampoline. My sister, who was 5 and my other cousin who was 5 were already on the trampoline stood in my way. I was telling them to move as I was about to jump but they were completely fixated on the field. So I looked towards the field.

There was two things coming towards our area in the field. The field is about a mile long but you could see two huge black things like hopping coming down the field. They'd come up then down, like a snake taking a peek, in perfect unison together. I called Cory and pointed towards the field. He told us all to get inside the house and lock up as he didn't know what they were. We did as we were told.

I don't remember much after going in but it was like I just came to and I was crying. My sister was beside me crying and my other cousin Charlene (who was about 11 at the time) crying holding my little cousin Cass. I got up to go the front door and Cory was running back in. He said those things are circling the house. He was trying to run across the road to the neighbors. The phone just stopped working and it was just a bunch of kids home.

I went back to the couch to sit with my sister, so we can comfort each other. When I got to her she told me to look at the window, so I did. Those things were looking in. They had their hands against the window as they peeked in. They looked like crocodiles, but shaped like humans. Their face wasn't as long as a crocodile. They had 5 fingers but they weren't human fingers. They had long nails with crocodile-like skin, and walked standing up right. They wore long black cloaks or something on themselves. They stood at the window for only few seconds and took off.

Not long later our grandparents got home with my uncle. We all went running to them crying, telling them what happened. My grandparents are very traditional and told us they had to leave and needed us to go to my aunt's (on another reserve). My aunt came to get us not long later. My uncle was upset. He drove around the field looking for whatever they were. But when we all jumped into my aunt's retro van to go to her house, those things were behind nimosom's. Then they ran south. I always thought that this was a dream. But then, at one family gathering, I mentioned it to everyone who I recall was there and they all remembered it." FC

NOTE: From what I can gather, this occurred in 1994 in Alberta, Canada. Lon

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