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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Tall Pale-Winged Humanoid With Glowing Eyes Recently Observed By British Resident

A British witness had a recent encounter with a 7 foot tall humanoid with glowing eyes and pale bat-like wings that was traipsing around their back yard during a heavy snowfall.

The following account was recently posted on social media. I asked the witness for a location and further information, which I will add to the post if received:

"I don't know what it was and this is my first time describing my encounter. Some possible answer or theory would be appreciated. I'm sorry, I have no photos. I didn't think to take any and I regret that deeply.

It happened recently while we (UK) had a lot of snow and measured a foot or so. It was around 11:30 PM. I kept looking out my bedroom window to watch how the snow had settled and to watch it fall. I find it beautiful as most do. I kept looking in intervals and then before I went to sleep I thought I'll take one last look. However, when I did there were footprint on our driveway, but they seemed to be of barefoot. From what I could tell, not boot prints, as if it was a person not wearing shoes. Someone would have had terrible frostbite if this were the case, but it can't have been a person that I do know.

The gate was closed and the snow what settled and undisturbed around it. It can't have been opened. Whatever it was must have jumped I thought originally. My mind was changed soon later when I went downstairs to investigate. I couldn't not think if someone was out there with no shoes because it was minus 3C, gate closed or not.

So I went downstairs into the kitchen to look into the back garden were I saw the trail had led, and opened the door to peer out. I called to whoever made the footprints, "Hello, is someone there?" No one replied. After scoping the back garden I saw two incredibly bright lights, like car headlights only closer together and smaller. The porch lights are only on the inside of the door so I turned them on and it was then my explanation for the closed gate showed itself.

It was around 7 foot in height and it was muscular. I could tell as it had no clothes and it can't have been human since were there was no genitals whatsoever. It would have froze if it was a person. It had the shape of 4 limbs, a torso and a head. It also had wings. That's what scared me the most, the bat-like pale wings. It was now crouched and ten flew away as quickly as I turned on the the lights.

It snowed heavy the rest of the night, and I stayed up searching on Google for anything like it. It looked most akin to the Mothman but it said little of sightings in Great Britain. Any explanations are more than welcome. It would be a comfort to know a rational answer to what I saw. I'm sorry for the lack of photos. I know how unbelievable it sounds. I just want to know." H

NOTE: There was heavy snowfall throughout the UK during the past few weeks. Hopefully I can retrieve more information from the witness. Lon

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