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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Tall Pale Figure / Strange Light Beams Encountered by Ft. Worth, TX Experiencer

A Ft. Worth, Texas resident recalls a tall pale figure in black clothing suddenly standing in her bedroom. Then later, her and her boyfriend encounter an unknown light shining down on their car.

I recently received the following account:

"This occurred while I was living in Ft. Orth, Texas back in November 1987. I had been in my bed asleep. The time had to be somewhere around 2 AM. I woke and noticed a extremely bright red light shining into my bedroom window. I thought that something had happened outside. I thought that it was either a fire or emergency lights from a vehicle. When I got up to open my curtain to look outside, the light completely went stopped. I thought it was somewhat weird and it took about a minute for me to take it in that a light so bright could go away in a matter of seconds.

After a minute or so, I closed the curtains and turned to lay back down. When I did, there was a man standing by my bed. This wasn't any ordinary man. This man was very tall, dressed in black. I couldn't distinguish the clothes, but I do know that he was covered in black all the way up to his neck. But this is what really scared me. He had pale, almost white skin. He didn't have any hair anywhere on his head or his face. The face was blank. Literally no eyes, moth or nose. I started to scream but it was as if I became mute. I know my mouth was open and I was trying with all my might to scream but nothing would come out. He just stood there. I also recall not being able to move.

I don't remember what happened after that. I only remember waking up in the morning not being able to breath through my nostrils as if I had a very bad sinuses congestion.

After that night I continued to have dreams of a disk-like craft hovering in my backyard and as it hovered it had a sucking action. I would be of me always trying to hold on so that it wouldn't pull me in. The dreams never stopped.

On another occasion, after that night, my boyfriend and I were sitting out in the street in his car and all we saw was a bright light over our car. We thought that it was a helicopter that had it's spot light on us, but there was no noise that a helicopter makes. It shined on us for about a minute then when it stopped we looked out the window towards the sky and all we could see was this huge strike of flame going slow towards the east. But the flame wasn't red, it was green. The car then wouldn't start afterwards.

I did go inside and call a news station, but I don't remember what news channel it was. But I remember them telling me that they did have numerous other calls about seeing something in the sky at that same moment that we had that experience.

The next morning I went outside and noticed that the car was completely drained of oil, gasoline and brake fluid. We never told anyone else." G

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