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Monday, February 22, 2021

1965 UFO / Humanoid Encounter Mystery in Ridgewood, New Jersey

The following testimony was offered in reference to a UFO / humanoid sighting and encounter at Ridgewood, New Jersey elementary school on March 2, 1965: 

"I testify the following was shared with me by Cathleen X who lived in West Milford NJ, but grew up in Ridgewood NJ. She died in July 2020, aged 64, and worked for the Bergen County government. I ran for town council in 2006, and Kathleen was on my campaign committee.

In the summer of 2007-08 at a campfire behind my home in Hewitt NJ, with Kathleen and her boyfriend, she shared this story with me. I was a minister in NYC for 5 years and have been a history teacher for 17 years. I have also been involved in campaigns against child labor, sweatshops, modern day slavery, and genocide in Sudan. I also have written 23 books.

A satellite flew over us and I said, "Look at the satellite...or is it?" Kathleen said, "I believe in UFO's. I believe West Milford, NJ is a portal entry for paranormal activity. When I was at elementary school in Ridgewood NJ, a saucer landed in the school yard and a small humanoid walked out. It flew away, and people from the Federal government came to our class, and asked us to not talk about what happened to anyone."

I do not know which Ridgewood elementary school. She would have been in elementary school from 1962-1966. I do not know the date (Later determined to be March 2, 1965), if it was Fall or Spring, what grade she was in, but she said it happened when she was an elementary student; and I believe Kathleen.

I share this in hope that someone reading it, who witnessed this saucer and humanoid, in Ridgewood NJ between 1962-66 may give further clarity as to what happened that day. I know there have been many playground visits in the U.S. and around the world reported."

NOTE: I have found that there were 3 separate UFO incidents investigated in Bergen County, NJ in 1965. A report was issued by the Paramus police department in July 1965 that involved intervention by USAF. If anyone has further information on this incident, please feel free to contact me. Thanks. Lon

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