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Friday, February 12, 2021

'Unexplained Beings' Encountered at Montrose Beach in Chicago

A Chicago couple and their kids spend the day at Montrose Beach. While there, they encounter 2 strange beings which neither of them can explain.

The following account was referred to me:

"My encounter started off as a very normal, happy day. My girlfriend and I decided to take the two girls to the beach. It was July 20, 1994. We packed up the small grill, food, pop and caught the bus to the beach. We walked the rest of the way to Montrose Beach along Lake Michigan in Chicago.

The kids ran off to play after we made sure they had something to eat. We were talking and eating, having a good time. All of a sudden, I heard someone yell out, "Excuse me sir! Excuse me!" I looked up and saw two individuals standing about 75 ft. from us attempting to speak to us. The little guy didn't speak the whole time. His companion, so I thought, did all the talking. The guy reminded me of a butler or man-servant and had a very heavy English accent.

I looked around and saw no one else was around. The 'butler' said again, "Excuse me sir. We happened to notice you brought your blanket, your cooler and your grill, and food and seem to be having a holiday." I mistook them for couple of hungry tourists, trying to be mooching some lunch off us. I did my best to be extremely polite and civilized towards them. The little guy appeared to be trying to blend in, but couldn't help but stand out. The butler kept trying to distract me, but I couldn't help sneaking off glances at the little guy. The more I looked, the more he kept trying to distract me. I finally got in a good look, and saw him to be about chest high, with large eyes with slit pupils that were half-closed.

This trick was temporarily successful, but I kept looking back and noticing more things that his disguise couldn't hide! I remarked later to my girlfriend that he looked like some kind of Eddie Munster-like alien. The butler complemented us, and again thinking I'm talking to couple of tourists starting bragging about Chicago and Lake Michigan. Then I told him that the Great Lakes contain 1/5 of the fresh water of the entire planet and that lake Michigan is 300 miles long and 60 miles wide. I mention several attributes in Chicago as well. I snuck a look again back at the little guy. This time his pupils were fully dilated and staring right at me! This really freaked me out, and I tried to turn away but the butler again calmed me down. I couldn't look at the little guy and soon broke contact. After a second or so, when I looked back, they were gone!

All my girlfriend could say was why did I even talk to the little guy. I said I didn't. I only talked to his butler and her reply was "I only saw the little guy." I told her we can't tell the cops and if we tell anyone else they'll think we're nuts! While we were having this conversation we heard a voice say, "Excuse me, excuse me!" We both just froze and dared not turn around! Soon after the kids came back and we got the hell out of there!" JJ

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