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Friday, February 26, 2021

'Wetboy' Dream: Premonition of Drowning Death?

An Australian man describes a dream that he son had in which he observed the drowning of a boy which he referred to as 'Wetboy.' 14 years later, the son drowns.

The following account was recently received by me:

“I've witnessed Final Destination for real. I apologise for the mobile format. So some background, My mother was a white witch, so I grew up with the occult and have kind of always been interested in and fascinated by the paranormal.

I have spent a decade as a Christian but have since renounced my faith for myriad reasons. At the time of this first incident I was a practising Christian. It was the time before digital cameras, you know, back in the day when you had to go to a Kodak store to get your film developed... I digress.

My now ex-wife and 2 kids, daughter 7, son 2 moved in to a new rental property that backed on to swamp. Pretty much from our first night there my son had night terrors and was nearly inconsolable, we did our best to calm him and prayed for him and over the house. The prayers didn't stop the night terrors and as he started to get better at talking, told us about the "wet boy" that wanted to play with him. He described what I thought of as a child that had drowned in a swamp. He also had a "friend" that was little and green with pointy teeth. We had his 3rd or 4th (sorry I can't remember which) birthday party. Got the pictures developed and nearly the entire roll was filled with orbs.

I have never put much stock in orbs, dust particles blah blah blah. But there is one photo that gives me chills just thinking about it. The picture of my son blowing out his candles has what looks like a hand reaching out to grab his head, made out of light. We had another daughter and when she was about 3 months old had a family holiday where my son nearly drowned. After that incident he hated the water and would pitch an absolute fit to avoid swimming. His aversion to water lasted well into his teen years. But as an Australian, going to the beach with your mates is what you do. The 2 friends he went with are extremely strong swimmers, as in they played water polo and we're on the swim team at their school. The boys were wading through knee high water and my son stepped into a chest deep trench made by a strong under current.

He was swept towards the rocks and under as his friends risked their own lives to try and save him. They sent in the rescue helicopter and we're able to retrieve him. Too late. February 3 last year my son drowned. I think the "wet boy" of his nightmares finally caught up with him. This was hard for me to write and I thank you for your patience in reading.” DK

NOTE: Here is the media link to the incident - Teenage boy drowns at popular beach after being dragged to shore unconscious

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