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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Strange Encounters & Weird Activity in Douglas County, Oregon Woods

A resident of Roseburg, Oregon describes a bizarre encounter with a huge deer buck standing in the road at night, seemingly feeding on a Mastiff sized raccoon carcass. They also mention the weird activity in the area.

The following account was referred to me by an associate:

“What did I see? Okay so I'll start off by mentioning, I live in Oregon. Not quite a "rural" town, but our town is small (Roseburg, Douglas County) and only about a 10 minute drive to what you would actually consider a "rural" town or area. Everyone's heard about the cryptids and lore of Oregon woods. I hate these woods.

They're just vast and terrifying, but at the same time tempting and beckoning almost. I stay out of the woods. I don't hunt or fish, and I might go hiking once every couple of years with friends, but I make it a point to not go where I don't feel safe. I kind of brushed off all the stories about the woods here, until I had an experience of my own and I'm ready to share what I saw that night.

My friend and I work graveyard shift at a local bakery, and we always car pool. She picks me up at about 11:30pm. The bakery it self is in a more rural area, but the main road in town takes us almost all the way out there. It's a well-lit road until you get slightly out of town and since it's the main road through town, even at night, there usually passing cars or people walking. From my house it takes about 10 minutes to get to work using this road. For about 3 months, this road was being repaved. We'd have to stop literally right before the turn in to the bakery to wait for the construction crew to finish whatever project they were doing.

After 2 nights of being stopped right outside of work for over an hour, and an estimated date of construction being done, being 3 months out, we decided to start taking the back roads to work. The back way to work was on the opposite side of town of this main road. It took us out of town, around the outskirts of town and finally to the bakery for a total of about 30 minutes travel time instead of 10. This back road was completely surrounded by heavy woods. There was a private drive to a house every 5 miles or so. No street lights, and no passing cars, no pedestrians. This road was also extremely curvy. Just constant twists and turns. As expected we'd see a lot of deer, and the occasional possum, squirrel, etc.

This particular night, we started our journey through the back roads just as we had been all week. We got about 10 miles through when my friend went around this bend and then suddenly slammed on her brakes. I was on my phone so I wasn't looking up when she saw it first. I look up and right in front of the car is this gigantic buck. I'm talking huge. Not moose sized, but definitely one of the largest bucks I'd ever seen. He was staring directly at us through the windshield. We were just kind of frozen for a moment for some reason. We both looked down at the feet of the deer and in between its front feet was a dead raccoon. It was clearly a raccoon, it's face was pointed toward us, ringlets on the tail, basically a stereotypical raccoon. Except this thing was also huge. Now the buck was large but large bucks aren't unheard of. This raccoon was the size of a huge dog. Like the size of a mastiff. We looked back up at the deer and it was still staring right at us. Like it was making eye contact with us both.

My friend flashes her high beams and honks the horn at it hoping to scare it off. It doesn't run off. Without breaking eye contact with us, it starts to walk toward the car, slowly. We both are freaked out at this point and my friend throws the car in reverse, backs up, and swerves around the deer. This entire time it moves its head to keep eye contact as we back up, pull to the side, and drive away. We look back behind us and this thing is just standing in the road staring at us as we drive away. 

We finally went around a curve and I lost sight of it, but until then, it never stopped staring right at us. We talk about this a lot and about how weird it was. I didn't think deer ate meat (I'm not a deer expert I just assumed they were herbivores) so the standing over that dead raccoon was the most unsettling part, even over the constant eye contact. Luckily we weren't dumb enough to get out of the car but I always wonder what would have happened if we did.

Since then I've been more aware of the lore around here. I've heard unsettling noises and screams coming from the woods but this was the only actual encounter I think I've had. Am I thinking too much into this or is it a little weird to anyone else? There's so many legends and stores of cryptids around here, and I'm sure you've all read about the fucked up stuff that happens at Crater Lake. Just thought this might be an interesting encounter for someone to hear, no one else really believes us, but it's hard to believe something you didn't see with your own eyes.

Sometimes I think I'm imagining how big the raccoon was but in my memory I can see the deer and raccoon so vividly. My friend and I have a theory that the raccoon was also some sort of cryptid that maybe was hit by a car and this not deer was perhaps mourning it? Crater Lake is insane. So it is the deepest lake in the United States. (1,943ft) is the estimate we haven't actually been to the bottom from what I understand. A helicopter crashed into the lake some time ago. The helicopter was never found.

There have been so many unexplained disappearances and deaths. People have been driven to kill themselves there by throwing themselves over the edge of the caldera. A woman said her husband did that. He fell, broke his legs but didn't die. When she looked over the edge to see where he had landed, she saw him dragging himself to the water to drown himself. Once a man went missing and was never found despite heavy searches. Years later a pair of pants and shoes were found in pristine condition on a log basking in the sun. Inside the shoes were the foot bones of that missing man. Natives wouldn't go near the lake or the land. They said it was cursed and believed it was a gateway to hell. I have never been because I only moved to the state about 9 years ago and after I read hours on end of freaky shit about the lake and surrounding woods I decided I would never go.

I could go on and on about creepy stories from Crater Lake so I highly suggest looking up some stories and disappearances there, you'll be entranced and reading for HOURS! Also a side note, a forest ranger that worked there at one point said that he and some co-workers had witnessed a Sasquatch hit by a train near the lake. They called police and later some "white vans" showed up, took the body, and they never heard anything else about it. So there's everything from ghosts, curses, skinwalkers, wendigos, Sasquatch, disappearances, suicides, water dwelling monsters, mysterious deaths, literally everything creepy in his world, has happened there. Roseburg is the hub of Douglas County, so technically most of the more populated towns are near Roseburg.” IV

NOTE: I have heard about a fair amount of weird activity around Crater Lake and Umpqua National Forest, Oregon over the years. Here is one account I have previously posted: Bigfoot Pair Observed Near Crater Lake, Oregon - Lon

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