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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

'Faceless Woman' Phenomenon

Late 1960s or early 1970s - Adams, Tennessee, USA

Stephen in Tennessee called in to Darkness Radio to tell of something strange he remembered as a child. He grew up in Adams, Tennessee around the Bell family farm (The Bell Witch) so he was accustomed to hearing ghost stories but this event happened when he was only around 3 years old. It's interesting that he describes a blue light bathing his room and the sudden appearance of a faceless woman. Faceless women have been encountered in numerous alien contact cases.

“When I was three or four, like I said, this is one of my very first memories. And for years I just told it as a really creepy dream I had and it was one of the first things I remembered. I was in my crib. I was still sleeping in a crib and I saw this... this... The whole room seemed like a blue haze and I saw this woman drift into the room with no face. She came to the edge of the crib and she looked down at the egde of the crib and she had like a wash rag in her hand and she was getting ready to wipe my face off. I screamed bloody murder and that was, to me growing up, it was just a wild dream that I had and then I heard you guys talking about these creatures, people calling in seeing these creatures without faces and I was like, holy crap, was that maybe real?” Host Dave Schrader asked the man to describe the face of the woman. “smooth, flat. Yeah, it's been 40 some odd years ago and I still remember it very clearly. Somebody with no face wants to wipe your face, you kinda, even at three years old you kinda freak. I guess the thing that freaks me out the most about it is, as a three year old, I would have no cultural reference for that. I couldn't have made that up out of the things that I knew. It had to be something that I experienced.”

Source: Darkness Radio - July 27, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: The faceless woman phenomenon has been reported for eons and most now see it as a harbinger...to take heed or a warning. Some people believe they are being visited by a ghost or malevolent being...or possibly a demon, which is doubtful. It can appear in dreams or while awake. There have been instances of a faceless being appearing during an abduction scenario or non-terrestrial encounter. There is an urban legend as well - The Curse of the Faceless Woman.

I have had clients who stated they experienced the phenomenon...but none of the cases resulted in tragedy or bad luck. There is also the Japanese legend of the Noppera-bō, frightening faceless human-like beings used in stories to rely a specific message. Lon

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