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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

'Christine's' Cousin

The following account tells of an encounter with a mystery car...worthy of a Stephen King main character:

Stu in Phoenix, Arizona called in to tell of a strange story that happened to his friend.

“I call this Christine's cousin. It actually happened to a friend of mine about 40 years ago. He was driving home from Cleveland late at night going south through the (sounds like?) Cuyahoga valley and he was driving an old beat up 65 Dodge and when you get past that little cross roads known as Boston Mills, a car pulled up on the side roads and started following him. He didn't think anything of it until the car started to tailgate him. That made him a bit nervous. Well, when he hit the little town known as Peninsula, he had to stop at a red-light. And he could see from the glow of the street light that it was a white 61 Chevy following him. He knew somebody who had a car like that and he thought it was just somebody playing games. So when the light changed, he made a left turn. That Chevy turned right after him and dogged him all the way through downtown Peninsula. When he got to the next light, he pulled into the right hand lane to make a right turn and the Chevy pulled up alongside of him so he looked over to see who was driving. All the windows were open on that Chevy and nobody was in the car. He didn’t wait for the light, he burned out of there hell bent for election and he got that old Dodge up to 110 in a quarter of a mile. He looked in the mirror and saw the Chevy coming up behind him and gaining fast. So he knew the curve in the road up ahead, the S curve, and he knew he could handle it at that speed and the Chevy couldn't. Sure enough he lost sight of the Chevy part way through that curve. He kept looking in the mirror for the headlights to reappear and they never did. Well, a couple miles down the road curiosity overcame common sense and there might have been a little bit of hillbilly code of honor involved. He turned around and went back to look for that car. He went up and down that stretch of road several times. There were no skid marks. No tracks in the dirt. No car in the cornfield. No sign that a car had even been there. It just disappeared into thin air. I took it with a grain of salt until I started hearing the same story from other people who didn't even know this guy and it was always a white 61 Chevy chasing them in the same area.”

Source: Coast To Coast Radio - October 31, 2012.

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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